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things to check out!

This article on cyberquilting! Adele was interviewed by bitch buzz. Love this part:

“For people who’ve been isolated in rural communities or other places where their ideas aren’t able to flourish, access to the Internet provides instant community and a way to develop your own activism that doesn’t necessarily need to be constrained to your own back yard.” -Adele 

Southerners On New Ground (SONG) introduces a LGBT map directory that you can download off the blog they keep. about it they say:

“We have learned that although queer-led social justice organizations in the South may be few in number, they are doing amazing work with limited resources. We created this directory to counter the isolation and burnout that organizers experience all too often in the South and hope that it will help bring people together to strategize, share resources, and support each other.”

And last, but not least, you can’t miss Sudy’s latest FemWatch video where she breaks down five things she is thankful for this year.

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kit yan’s letter to HRC

this reminds me of the time a friend and i sat in a queer—err excuse me, glbt with a q following it on the next line—disability caucus meeting this summer. the group invited a HRC person to speak and when we asked why HRC had been invited, we were stared at. then when we spoke up against the group simply focusing on marriage advocacy with so much work to be done, they thought we were stupid southerners who were against gay marriage because of ignorance or overexposure to too much homophobia. needless to say, i left the meeting early, never having been talked down to so much. 

kit yan, from the good asian drivers spoken word duo:

you’re a force with responsibility
so listen, think, then act
you’re an icon of equality
so remember the colors of the community you stand for
you’re the face that the devil trusts
but you’ve become its reflection
hear us, please.
unfortunately we can not wait for you
we’ll be here when you return,
but we cannot wait for you
in the meantime, we’ll fight for ourselves…
-kit yan at 2:10

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HOT— Sins Invalid 2008 online!

the good folks with Sins Invalid, a show promoting unshamed beauty in the face of invisibility, has put clips of their performances online. hot hot hot.

first one doesn’t have any verbal narration, second one is captioned (click the arrow pointing upward and then CC), and the third has terps in the right hand corner. amaaaazing, disability culture at its finest. not completely work safe.

rodney bell:

seeley quest:

rodney and seeley together (trigger warning):

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our monstrosity

i am lucky enough to have a video recording of little light reading her piece, the seam of skin and scales, during our SPEAK retreat in detroit. i can’t describe how powerful it was to play her recording this morning in the silence of my house, except that it was so needed, so haunting, so disquieting, so intimate. so beautiful, just like her.:

“It is time to look the monstrous in the eye. It is time. It is time to say that we are beautiful in our fierceness, and that we are our own. We are not the rejected of what we can never be. We are what we were meant to be. We are not pieces of wholes thrown together incorrectly. We are not mistakes.
We are not inferior knockoffs of someone else. If our monstrousness is frightening, then it is time we bare our teeth and draw that fear close to us and stop being so afraid of our fearsomeness that we fear everyone and everything else right back.

I am throwing my head back, here, and saying it: no more being afraid. Hell no. My monstrousness is not a place of shame. It is a strength. It is the power to say I am mine, and I will tell you what I mean. Not you. I am not any thing trapped in anyone’s body. I am tougher than that, and I have plenty of blood to spare in this body of mine, and plenty more miles to go before any of you can bring me to my knees, and I dare you to try.”

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you can vote however you like video

seriously not sure if i should be screaming youth power
or squealing over how cute (and bipartisan) these students are:

(h/t to the good folks over at double consciousness. lyrics below the cut)
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no tote bags, no swag, no cocktail parties…

a whole bunch of amazing activists, thinkers, and people are listed in the 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing the World article done by Utne. (bfp, jess hoffman, susan nussbaum, mattilda bernstein sycamore, and so many others— a definite read if you need an energy boost!).

my favorite description though was of the Allied Media Conference, mostly because with ALL the conferences we all go to, the way this one is set up is just revolutionary. everything a conference should be and Utne does a great job putting that in words:

Conference Callers
Organizers of the Allied Media Conference

Now this is what a “conference” is supposed to look like: 800 concerned citizens and activists, most of them young and denim-clad, many of them people of color, queer, or both, gathered in Detroit on a crisp June day to create and critique media. There are no tote bags, no swag, no cocktail parties. Just tables full of radical literature, free hip-hop concerts, and late-night bowling.

And you can forget about expense accounts and self-serving corporate sponsors. These people spend months raising funds to finance their trips from all over the globe, and conference organizers are squeaking by on their annual budget of $100,000, all of which makes the 2008 conference (the 10th annual) hum with a singularly engaged, productive energy. “It really makes the event user-owned,” says Mike Medow, one of the conference’s five organizers. “Everyone made a personal sacrifice or a personal investment to be here, and everyone has a deep stake in its success.” Continue reading

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