Protest the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon by blogging about the charity model of disability and why the telethon oppresses people on Labor Day!

The MDA website says until there's a cure there's a telethon. blog against the telethon and abolish charity mentality

“The very human desire for cures . . . can never justify a television show that reinforces a stigma against disabled people.” –Evan J Kemp

Jerry Lewis is the host of the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s Annual Telethon, a telethon that occurs every Labor Day to raise funds for cures by using disabled people as posterchildren. Disabled people protest the telethon because of its outdated, negative portrayal of disabilities. These images that the telethon promotes sticks in people’s minds and continually serve as a barrier for disabled people. Disability is not the problem, but rather the attitudes and barriers that society places on us.

september 3rd 2007 join the campaign against the mda telethon write against ableism charity and the medical model of disability 

What can we do? Protest. Write a Letter to the Editor. Tell people about the charity, medical, and social model of disability. Blog. Kara and I, along with the Disability Activist Collective (website coming soon) are organizing a campaign against the telethon and the charity model of disability. We need bloggers (not only disability bloggers but all! feminist, queer, woc, environmentalist, activists, great time to build alliances) who will agree to write about this! The campaign will work much like a blog carnival and will be heavily publicized in listservs and other sources of media. We encourage you to participate! To participate, please a comment or email us a We will be announcing the campaign on Thursday via media and will tell them to check the website postings on Monday. The campaign will be posted on Kara’s site.

Here are more links you can check out to find out more:

A template letter the Disability Activist Collective wrote for you to use:

To the editor,

We write in protest of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)’s Labor Day telethon. The telethon is based off of the ableist idea [discrimination shown by favoring people who are not disabled] that people with disabilities are tragic victims. The disability community refers to this as the charity model of disability because it categorizes disabled people as nothing more than the objects of pity.. As people with disabilities, we do not need pity. We want and deserve equal access to public space and services and respect as fully participating members of society.

Many non-disabled people believe that exploiting people with disabilities on TV (through actions such as this telethon) is okay, as long as the funds go to “helping” to find a “cure.” We want the world to hear directly from us. We want the world to know that no amount of money can make pity and discrimination okay. Our society would not promote a cure for gender or race; why is disability any different? We fight for disability to be viewed as a natural part of life and not as something that needs to be changed.

With disability pride!!

Disability Activist Collective


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60 responses to “Protest the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon by blogging about the charity model of disability and why the telethon oppresses people on Labor Day!

  1. I think it’s so interesting the that most powerful way we can express how much he insults our community is to use HIS own words…I did the same thing over in Karaland..

  2. Hi! What a great blog. And I agree about the vile pity/charity/infantilization and I *so* hate that.

    I wanted to send you this link to my writeup on a small thing I’m doing to get some curb cuts. (Selfishly a bit, for myself, but it will benefit other people and I am hoping my writeup will give good info for other people around here to use the same process.)

  3. I’d like to do a blog on disability, but I’m not sure if it’d be exactly what you’re looking for!

    I’ve stumbled upon the Jerry Lewis telethon a couple times, and immediately turned the channel, it was disturbing. Those quotes of his are horrendous.

  4. What editor?
    I can certainly write a post about my opposition to the pity rhetoric.

  5. It is very difficult to explain to non-disabled people why we get so offended by Telephons. It is because they can’t relate to what it is like to be a disabled person. They view the world form a non-disabled perspective and obviously regard us crips as not as good as them who would jump at the chance to be ‘normal’.

    Programmes like this perpetuate the myth of the “poor little helpless crip who needs pity and help to overcome all the tragic circumstances of their worthless lives.”

    Well you can stick that for starters. What about treating disabled people with equality and respect. A postive image of disabled people would do far more good than any hand wringing charity bollocks.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my site. I am currently working on a post about the harm caused by “autism awareness” pity propaganda, and I’ll add something about the telethon and send you a link when it’s posted.

  7. I can’t promise to write a post because things aren’t overly fabulous right now but I will try. It’s something I really believe in. I didn’t know about this sort of thing and now I am really thankful that I live in a country where we don’t have such (disability specific) things!!

  8. I’m honored to be a part of this, and it brought back memories of the many protests that I participated in against Jerry Lewis and his PityThon. Here is the link to my site;


  9. Disability Studies, Temple U. blog will participate too! We’ll post something sometime about pity this weekend as part of the event. Hope you get a big turnout!

  10. This is an older post of mine, but it’s right on topic: Games People Play (off and on the court)


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  13. Not being in the US, I don’t know much about the telephon, but I shall try to write something about the charity model. 🙂

  14. I posted about this a few days ago, and I’ll be blogging about it tomorrow at

  15. I hate to say it, but while your intentions are good and while disabled people should never be objects of pity and exploitation, MD is not just a “disability,” it is an ALWAYS FATAL DISEASE. Are you saying to the public there should NEVER be fundraisers and telethons to raise money for cures for diseases like cancer, diabetes, AIDS, and a myriad of other ailments?

    Disability rights groups get a bad rap for wrongheaded moves like this. You create confusion with the general public by mixing in your desire for disabled people to be treated with respect and dignity with the need to find cures for dreaded diseases like MD and the like.

    You come across as fanatical as the nutjobs from PETA with stunts like this.

  16. i am so swamped with work right now, but i will do my best to blog about it, and i will at least spread the word!

  17. Susan—

    you’re talking to someone with MD. like harriet mcbryde johnson (one of the first people to organize around the telethon) says in her book, it’s getting too late to die young… the telethon uses a lot of scare tatics.

    not everyone is for cures. it’s important that you hear the views of everyone before assuming all disabled people are looking to be changed.

  18. Nicole

    You have to be legally retarded or something. I bet you’re one of those paraplegic or quadrapligic people that give the world that damn steroetype that we disabled have no feeling in our legs or can’t even move anything past our waist.

    The muscular dystrophy association raises money for MANY causes.

    There is a summer camp program so kids can be around other people like themselves to have fun and NOT be ‘different’ for once. At least $500 is spent on each camper for the program in maryland, which hosts appx 200 campers over a course of two weeks. Maryland was even the first to recently start a monthly teen group meeting for individuals with a disease that the MDA is researching so they don’t have to wait a whole year to get in touch with other people to relate to and have fun with.

    The MDA also provides funding for walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, etc. Even for repairs to these items, because SOME parents have a hard time to afford a child with a degenerative neuro-muscular disease, to them the money is a god-send.

    There are over 40 degenerative neuromuscular diseases that they research. Just because YOU can’t be cured of an accident doesn’t mean you should be such a bitch about those of us who were born with a condition that will only worsen through the course of our lives. The research is to find cures and life-lenghthening treatments. Why don’t you try living until the age of 13 with a form of MITO that has killed three older siblings by the age of 6? Then you can rightfully say that all this fundraising for research isn’t a good idea.

    Those little “quotes” you posted links to are baseless fictional tabloid shit. Jerry Lewis DOES NOT and HAS NEVER talked about muscular dystrophy in such an uneducated pointless manner as those quotes display. Also he has been promoting the MDA ever since he was on the colegate comedy hour with Dean Martin when the MDA was ONLY in NY and had only been around a few short years.

    But just for fun, lets say he actually DID say those things your tabloids quoted him on. For over 40 years he had been promoting the MDA without saying things like that. At the date your sites quoted him for saying those things, Jerry was on ALOT of medications at the time and jumping around between medications, its quite likely to say random things, and have depressing thoughts, when your medications aren’t stable. Do a little bit of legitimate research ya dumb bitch. (p.s. copying links to the first tabloid sites you get from yahoo doesn’t count as research)

    Don’t be so bitter to everyone else and so stuck up on your ‘crippling condition’ that seems to have come upon you just because it hasn’t always been a part of you. Also, if you want people to stop looking down on you – a status that you are holding up for the rest of us – then stop calling yourself ‘crip.’ It’s about as useful as poorly educated african-american’s clinging to ‘nigga.’

    Cripple is an outdated term that was used to describe people who were nondescripts to every day society. They were useless, could do nothing for themselves, and only a permanent burden on their household. Calling yourself ‘crip’ is NOT a way of ‘taking it back’ or ‘reclaiming it.’ And just as any african-american would hit someone who calls them ‘nigga’ I know you would have violent intentions towards someone who calls you a ‘crip.’

  19. nicole, i’m not going to delete your post because it shows the whole dialogue around a cure is one that is complex. not everyone feels the same way i do, i get that. all i’m trying to say is that not everyone is for cures, not everyone is for the telethon, and not everyone is willing to stand by as people paint us as posterchildren.

    however, it’s hard to take your arguement against the word “crip” seriously, when A.) you try to speak for people of color as an non-poc and B.) you start your comment out with the word “retarded,” and “bitch”. both are beyond degrading and time and time again our community has said they will not tolerate [stand for] it. when i use the word crip it comes out of a place of love and pride for my community.

  20. Nicole

    i don’t see color, i don’t factor it into the people i see. and you’re not ‘colored’ anyway, you’re freaking asain. Despite your color or ethnic background, it isn’t impossible to look at matters of ethnic slurs (or non ethnice) such as chink, nigger, crip, gimp and see how people can contradict whether they should be used or not.

    Also, what the hell makes you think i’m caucasian? I said nowhere in that post where my ethnicity lies. It’s beyond the point anyway, because I AM disabled, and just because you think me being a ‘non-poc’ makes it wrong for me to make an analogy of the use of the word ‘nigger’ has nothing to do with the fact that this little brigade of yours is baseless.

    Just because you don’t like ‘poster-children’ doesn’t mean you should try to get rid of the telethon. it means that you don’t have to donate to the cause and that is perfectly respectable.

    I myself resented mattie being turned into a poster child, and alot of people who write or talk about them don’t entirely know what the hell they’re talking about. But he chose to do that, and I respect that. It doesn’t mean that the telethon should be stopped.

    Join a normal social activist group that teaches people to not look down upon us, not one to completely removed the disabled community from the public eye and make them even more ignorant.

    By the way, your use of crip is degrading, so therefore I intentionally called you a bitch and legally retarded to BE degrading because that’s what this blog post is to intelligent people who know that the telethon is necessary. Although you use crip ‘out of a place of love and pride’ you would still be insulted by other people using it to refer to you whom you didn’t personally know. In that way you are very much contradicting what you claim is your cause.

  21. my last comment—

    i’m sorry to assume that you’re white, just as you assumed my disability was acquired (it’s not, I have MD, which is particularly one reason the telethon is so important to me.)

    if someone is really opposed [against] the telethon like i am, i don’t think they have the option to just turn away from the telethon. it’d be like telling someone who is against racism to just to not support it. if we all did that, nothing would get done.

    you’re right though about being involved in various forms of advocacy and activism. disability is complex, just addressing it through one venue wouldn’t do it justice. we have to teach our own people, educate society, advocate for change, and be invovled in the media and american culture to really have power.

  22. Nicole

    your cause is completely wrong. you’re against the telethon period, you’re against money being raised for the mda.

    I will apologize for assuming you were in an accident of some sort. But i did atleast read another part of your site here to come to that assumption before i wrote that.

    If you’re against poster children then as i said, be a part of a group that teaches people NOT to look down on us or pity us. Or better yet become involved with the MDA and talk to the public yourself, and change the way the mda runs in your sate for a start. It takes time and involvement to become a spokesperson for the MDA, and all of those poster children you see were chosen as spokespeople because they have an optimistic outlook and WANT to help let people know about the mda, not because they want to be pitied.

    Obviously, you don’t have anything truly intelligent to say against what i’m telling you. i just hope your outlook changes some and you can learn to see the bigger picture and not be so selfish in your vindications.

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  24. Nicole

    that was technically another comment. and don’t think that post makes you look involved, or like my suggestion came too late. “telethon-related organizing” just redundantly links back to this page…. gee i was so surprised. If you would actually turn on the telethon you would find people who ARENT advertising that they’re dying or sickly or hopeless.

    As I said, you have a baseless viewpoint and are after the wrong cause. I never said anything against loving yourself for your MD. The best friend I ever had loved her SMA, but she didn’t begrudge the fact that the MDA needs money, she accepted and appreciated that and wasn’t railing against the telethon.

    You have to accept the fact that some medical research IS needed. Otherwise just tear out that tracheotomy tube from your neck. Medical research is to thank for that, as hindering as it seems it is necessary. Hell, thanks to medical research, children no longer have to be scarred from to be diagnosed, makes me feel like a dinosaur.

    And as I said, the MDA helps connect a community that is hard to find otherwise. I’m sorry you seem to have grown up isolated from this and from yourself, thankfully my parents did research and were able to send me to MDA camp to learn that i’m not isolated.

  25. I’ll try to get something up on the Rettdevil blog (…I hate the pity crap, and I’m in the autism world and mito world. And the angel stuff, ick.

    And pity the children…

    Heck, I’ll write it write now, put me down as a blogger against the telethon. I make no quality promises though because, well, brain fry of late.

  26. Susan-
    Isn’t life “an always fatal disease”? The other fundraising groups you mentioned do it with MUCH more dignity and respect..that’s why this post and our event is about Jerry Lewis and the MDA telethon-not those, but thanks for pointing out how it CAN be done well.

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  28. Two things. Wanted to let y’all know that Diane Coleman’s blog entry is up and it’s here:

    Second, today’s Washington Post has an op-ed by ex-MDA poster child Ben Mattlin, but only on the website, titled: No Longer One of ‘Jerry’s Kids’

    URL for op-ed:

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  30. Nicole

    You are indeed the saddest case of a poster girl i have ever seen. Some day that medical research you claim to detest so much will rid you of the need for that tracheotomy tube, and you’re not going to deny the help. But you will still be self centered enough to refuse to see that there ARE people around you with stronger needs… and you’ll still be self centered enough to remain in denial that the MDA can help you

  31. bob

    Jerry, thank you we all need to help people , We are human and god allowes us to learn from problems in life. but Jerry has not given up as age 85. And that is the way it should be. thanks

  32. bob

    If god protected us we would not grow in his will. As humans life is bad sometime but don’t give up God does not want us to. We learn from bad decisions we make as humans. We help people that need I help. Thanks Jerry for not giving up on people. You have done a great job!

  33. Nicole

    If you’re really so open to both sides of the discussion, then why do you continue to delete what I say?

    Most people need medical research. Without it you and I would probably have died of pneumonia in childhood, definitely you. That IS connected to the research the MDA does.

    Without it, neither you or I would have the liberty of going about in public in a nice comfy chair with honeycomb cushioning (something I’m sure you know has gained it’s use within the last 7 years). If no one had cared to research how to alleviate bed sores and such our asses would be parked on rock hard seats that lost their cushioning within a year of use. Hell we might not even be in wheelchairs period, we might just be stuck in bed (assuming we had made it through childhood) or maybe a chair in the kitchen or something.

    Without medical research, you could never have gone through the appropriate PT to keep yourself as strong as you are now, your parents wouldn’t have had the slightest idea what to do for you.

    where’s the other side of that? why don’t you have any more intelligent remarks to make on this.. well i can’t exactly call it a conversation anymore.

  34. Nicole

    the MDA raised 63.8 million this year. What are you going to do if someday you find yourself hard up for money and need some medical equipment? Despite your blind protest against them they would be able to pay for necessary equipment that alot of people have a hard time affording. I really find your attempt to be blind to all of this quite saddening.

  35. Nicole

    You won’t use your eyes to see, you won’t use your ears to hear, you won’t use your tongue to speak, or your mind to think… You say there are demons around you and won’t perceive anything else you puritan soul.

    Why do you claim to so many social minorities as a southern girl in vain attempt to appear open minded?

  36. riggs

    Jerry Lewis is a good man who has spent a great portion of his life trying to help people who are afflicted with this terrible disease. He is also a wonderful artist who has given millions across the world a great deal of joy. However, if memory serves, he also is a Jewish man who disrespected Mel Gibson’s unfortunate alledged drunken tirade, without having been present at the scene to give an eyewitness account of what transpired. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

    Mr. Lewis is also an old man, with severe back pain, and no doubt medicated; in these circumstances, maybe even a little enibriated, and tired.

    People of America, you need to wake up! We are ALL entitled, no matter what our religion, race, creed, or sex, to voice our opinions; whether in jest or seriously. It is our RIGHT to do so. This PC “correctness” is taking away our liberties to free speech, as well as inhibiting all but a minority of comedians from speaking their minds and making us laugh at our differences, as well as our sameness.

    The press is surviving on “entertainment” stories that are over a year old. Ask yourselves, why is an admittedly (and apologized for) drunken tirade by a believer in pre-Vatican II Catholic any more offensive that one by a revered, renowned Jewish comedian against the sensibilities of the gay community?

    I have to wonder if the press and the ADL will pursue Jerry Lewis in the same hateful, unrelenting manner as they have,and continue to, pursue Mel Gibson?

    Jerry has apologized. So did Mel, twice! Enough already with this stupidity. People say things when they are drunk, when they are tired,when they are at their wit’s end…and don’t even try to say you would never do the same, or you are just a hypocrite.
    Move on and forgive if it offended you personally.

    I reiterate, we all have the right to think and say as we please, as American citizens. If you are willing to let go of that right, then continue on with these exercises into jugdment. Just remember…karma is a bitch!

  37. diana

    I think this is disgusting. If you’re happy with the way you are, great. Thats how you should be. But to protest something that raises money for the people who want to walk and more importantly LIVE is selfish and terrible. Somebody close to me died of Muscular Dystrophy last month. To think that you’re trying to take away millions of dollars that will hopefully help find a cure some day for those that aren’t content to be bedridden, in and out of hospitals, not able to go out and make friends and die before age 25 is disgusting.

  38. Violet Hemlock

    I’ve been reading this exchange for a couple of days now and have noticed that there’s a good deal of censorship going on in regards to posts from the user Nicole.

    I find it in extremely poor taste that the moderator rather delete Nicole’s posts than respond to the valid points that she brings up.
    It’s in bad form to bring up a “controversial” topic and then remove the comments that you don’t like.

    There was nothing offensive in the things that Nicole brought up, nothing libelous. I think she brought up some key points and valid ideas. A good writer/blogger wouldn’t simply delete a pertinent point… especially one that wants to carry on about controversial topics. If that’s the only way you can be an edgy blogger, maybe you should consider turning off comments so that you can rant and no one can challenge you or your opinion.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll resort to deleting my post as well but, I felt compelled to point out the fatal flaw in your moderating skills.

    And, to stay on topic:

    Does your hypocrisy know no bounds?
    If disability is to been seen like race or gender (as you allude to) then there would be a lot less disabled people because, unfortunately, they’d be dead. There’d not be any effort in researching procedures or medical equipment that would allow them to survive, after all people of race and gender don’t have these things… why should disabled patients?

  39. i think if you read the blog entries written by people who contributed to the blogswarm, you will see that about 95% of people writing were not against reseach. the ironic thing about trying to eradicate disability back in the day is that we ended up living longer because of assitive technology and life-sustaining devices like ventilators, powerchairs, oxygen, tracheostomys— all of which i use.

    however, what the main point of our blogswarm is that you do not need to exploit people with disabilities to raise money. mda is one of the last organizations to hold telethons in this manner. other organizations, like Easterseals, UCP, etc. have had just as much success without demeaning people.

    If you do not agree that the telethon is not demeaning, fine. I doubt either of us will change our minds at this point. It’s okay, we don’t have to. I reposted all comments since I did not have a comment policy at the time. However, for future reference, comments from visitors who do not follow this policy will be marked as spam.

  40. Nicole

    No, the point of your blog is not that the mda should stop using needy poster children. stop trying to make it seem like that’s what your intention is. Your ’cause’ is to eradicate the telethon entirely. To stop charity period. To not let anybody have a cure or medical alleviation of any sort. And your lifespan being longer becaause of medical research is NOT irony[opposite of what would be expected], that was the POINT Of all the damn research.

    Allthough I commend you on atleast no longer pretending to ignore me by deleting what I have to say.

  41. Violet Hemlock

    Show me where in my statement I said that the telethon isn’t demeaning. I never once stated that so stop putting words in my mouth in order to prove your point.

    I do agree that the telethon portrays the handicapped people in a less than acceptable way. I don’t agree with it and I don’t support it. I do however, support the good that the MDA does with the money that is raised through the telethon. Does it make how they portray the disabled population ok?
    Absolutely not.

    However, you stated that “Our society would not promote a cure for gender or race; why is disability any different? We fight for disability to be viewed as a natural part of life and not as something that needs to be changed.”

    This is the bit I have problem with.
    This is the part I find hypocritical.
    I think it’s fantastic that you’re happy and accepting with your disability but what about the people that aren’t? Don’t they deserve to have the choice of not being disabled if a “cure” is indeed found?

    And, as Nicole pointed out, the MDA isn’t only about finding a cure. The research they’ve done has helped prolong the life span of many people who wouldn’t otherwise be alive.

  42. Nicole

    So why aren’t you railing against Stephen Hawking too?

  43. Wow, I’m really sorry to see that this blog post has attracted so many ignorant assholes, Miss Crip Chick. I wonder why it is these people are having so much trouble with reading comprehension. There’s Susan who seems to think that since she’s confused, everyone else who hears your views will also be confused. Then there’s Nicole. Her whiteness is so glaring that I’m surprised anyone can even see her words up against the white background of this blog. Diana can’t see the difference between campaigning against these pity-athons and actually trying to take money away from people with disabilities. Riggs doesn’t understand the definition of rights nor does he seem aware of what actions our laws actually claim we have the right to engage in. And Bob…What can I say? He doesn’t even know where in the world he is. Why does he keep talking to Jerry here? Even if he didn’t read the post, he should be able to see that this is a post ABOUT Jerry and not BY Jerry. Violet is the only one whose comments were even mildly interesting to me.

    It’s four in the morning and that means it’s finally time for me to go to bed. I’ll check back in when I wake up and add a few thoughts I had about this topic.

  44. Nicole,

    No, the point of your blog is not that the mda should stop using needy poster children. stop trying to make it seem like that’s what your intention is. Your ’cause’ is to eradicate the telethon entirely. To stop charity period. To not let anybody have a cure or medical alleviation of any sort

    Would you care to tell us the source of your psychic abilities? Unless you actually know Miss Crip Chick, you are talking out the side of your ass when you try to tell her what the purpose of this blog actually is. And don’t you for one second fool yourself into thinking that Blacks, Asians, Natives, or Latinos are buying that “don’t see color” b.s. How the hell would you have taken the time to decide that Asians aren’t people of color if you don’t “see color”? And do you think you’re doing us a favor by not factoring people’s ethnic background into how you interact with them? That’s nothing to be proud of.

    It’s pretty funny to hear you suggest that Miss Crip Chick should join a “normal social activist group”. You’re a person with disabilities telling someone else they should seek to fulfill someone else’s ideas of what’s normal. The ignorance inherent in that one suggestion is enough to show me how seriously you should be taken.

    Your statements about “intelligent people” are also pretty hilarious. Wouldn’t intelligent people be capable of understanding the fact that it isn’t the word alone that makes hearing it from a stranger offensive. It also has to do with the intentions and motivations behind its use. Yeah, if Miss Crip Chick called me a crip or a gimp something to that effect, I’d be cool with it. Her use of that word in reference to me would be a recognition of the shared struggle we have in this world as people who often have that label cast upon us whether we like it or not.

    Personally, if you want to use the word “nigger”, then I’d encourage you to use it. If you felt like using those words reflected some part of your identity, then go for it. You probably won’t get the same reaction as I would if I were to use it in a crowd of Black people but as long as you’re willing to face those consequences, who am I to try and stop you? Call yourself anything you want to. Meanwhile, Miss Crip Chick and I will do the same. Those who don’t get it don’t need to get it.

    By the way, speaking of poster children, you are a pristine example of what people with disabilities can become when they don’t get involved with disability culture. Is a life where people like you don’t exist really the best you can hope for?

    You just go right ahead and continue being Jerry’s bootlicker in the hopes that people will pity you enough to let you into some part of the “normal” world. Meanwhile me and my peeps will keep on protesting these pity-athons and speaking out against these non-disabled asshats who would dare to anoint themselves as our spokespersons.

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  46. Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  47. LaDonna

    Any idea where I might get copies of the Muscular Dystrophy
    Poster Kids? Mainly interested in the “60’s”.

    Thank you,

  48. gloria mintmier

    I’m going to be 56 years old and i have been watching Jerry Lewis telethon every year for as long as i can remember and i dont feel that it oppressive to disabled people i feel it is the greatest time in the world people need to be aware that there are people who need help out there. would you feel differently if you had cancer and it was a cancer reseach telethon. give me a break Jerry has always helped these kids and adults and i hope it never goes off the air even after Jerry dies which i hope and pray does not happen for a long time. you need to find and different cause to complain about.

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  50. sin

    Do you people really honestly think you can stop Jerry from having his telethon? Excuse me while i laugh my rear end off… ok ok i’m go to say some harsh bitter things here and i think all you heartless people deserve it. 1. who cares what you think? 2. who said you could turn the channel? 3. why is it when some tries to do something good some moron or morons feel the need to pull a dumb stunt like this? 4. try living for one day in a wheelchair with MD. You think Jerry wants to come out here every year seeking donations for a cure and treatments? No he wants to find a cure to so people no longer have to fight to put their socks on or brush their hair or to breath…

    you people sicken me you really do, why can’t you find something postive to do and leave the telethon alone, it’s been 42 going on 43 years now and just because you are not affectted with the disease makes you oh so specail- yeah specail ed specail you make me sick

  51. I’m tired of seeing Jerry use pity to get money for his “cure” for MD. We need help for disabled treatments to help them live productive lives! We don’t need pity, we want understanding and acceptance.
    As a song writer once said, “We won’t ask for your pity or symphathy, but surely you must care!”

  52. David Dooley

    The MDA has made over a billion Dollers to try and save millions of live I really hope your Happy with your Life… And I Hope you are really happy with yourself. oh Ya I hope you go to tell..

  53. David Dooley


  54. Marie

    I just got to thinking that what the hell….Jerry Lewis and etc. company has been doing this Telethon for like 40 years. All the money that they have received by these sypathetic viewers add up to billions and billions of dollars. Why is it that they have not found a freekin cure as of yet?? I think that it is all political and really they need to spread their money elsewhere where it can do the best of good. Enough of Jerry Lewis and his damn Telethon.

  55. Patricia

    You people don’t have a clue when you say that it’s enough with the telethon. If you had any kind of md disease, or a family member with one, you would know that 2 people can’t always be treated the same way. Jerry Lewis should have a shrine built to him for everything he has done and tried to do for the diabled children & adults.
    And by the way. Do any of you who protest against it give anything of yourself to help someone else for no reason at all? Weather it’s money or an hour of you presious time. I don’t believe so. If you did, if you spent just 1 hour with people who need this telethon you would not be write on this idiotic and completely out of line blog site.
    Another point is that you don’t support our firefighters who spend the entire year supporting the MDA. So ineffect you are thumbbing your nose at them as well.
    The MDA does so many good things and there a d 40 diseases that they are working very hard to cure. One of wich is MG. It isn’t called the snowflake disease for nothing. No2 people have the same symptoms and no 2 people can be treated the same way.
    So before you spout off with any uniteeligent rabble. Maybe you should do a little research of you own and read up on what they are doing. Then go to an MDA event. Just spend 30mins with those “disabled” victims of MD diseases. Become informed before you open your mouth!!!

  56. Chris

    Anyone who is against the telethon could be the most selfish human beings to ever live. These “disabled” victims happen to be normal people just like you and me but without our help they won’t be able to find a cure that will help them maybe live past the ages of 18-25. If you all are too selfish to see that then I really do hope you can sleep at night knowing that you would sentence millions of kids to death just to stop a telethon that is done out of the good will of Jerry Lewis’ heart.

  57. Francesca

    What a bunch of self-involved PC ingrates.

    Protest Jerry Lee Lewis for his insufferable “humour” not his charitable work.

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