things to check out!

This article on cyberquilting! Adele was interviewed by bitch buzz. Love this part:

“For people who’ve been isolated in rural communities or other places where their ideas aren’t able to flourish, access to the Internet provides instant community and a way to develop your own activism that doesn’t necessarily need to be constrained to your own back yard.” -Adele 

Southerners On New Ground (SONG) introduces a LGBT map directory that you can download off the blog they keep. about it they say:

“We have learned that although queer-led social justice organizations in the South may be few in number, they are doing amazing work with limited resources. We created this directory to counter the isolation and burnout that organizers experience all too often in the South and hope that it will help bring people together to strategize, share resources, and support each other.”

And last, but not least, you can’t miss Sudy’s latest FemWatch video where she breaks down five things she is thankful for this year.


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  1. hi (again)-

    i am just trying to spread the word on this. your page is friendly, thought you and yours would be interested. happy turkey day. :o)

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