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i’m moving on…


i hope you will change your links and subscription—-definitely want to keep chatting with you over at my new place! hopefully having my own server will let me do more things 🙂

love you so much,


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EXCLUSIVE LEAK: McCain’s Latest Attack Ad

parody of mccain’s television ads as done by the brilliant jay smooth

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“barack obama claims he has no secrets, but did you know he’s a life long member of a group known as the black community? FACT, obama launched his career as an organizer for the black community and he funneled millions of dollars into making them healthier and stronger. yes. the same group who invented gangster rap…”


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Thousands Set to Protest “Blindness”

NFB and ACB have both come out against the movie Blindness that is being released tomorrow in theaters.

From JFA:

Tens of Thousands of Blind Americans Object to the Movie ‘Blindness’

WASHINGTON, Sept. 29, 2008 — Residents of an unnamed city suddenly and mysteriously go blind in the movie “Blindness,” scheduled for release on Friday, Oct. 3. The dehumanizing, animalistic way that blind people are portrayed in this movie has blind people across the United States angry. Some are even organizing picket lines and waging protests at theaters where the movie is being shown.

“The movie ‘Blindness’ is a demeaning depiction of people’s reactions to losing their eyesight,” stated Mitch Pomerantz, president of the American Council of the Blind. Dr. Ronald E. Milliman, a blind university professor and also a member of the ACB, says, “In a very mythical sense, something like what is being shown in the movie might have happened hundreds or thousands of years ago, but certainly not in any civilized society such as what we have in the United States today. The movie is at best totally misleading, and at worst serves to frighten deeply those who see it.”

In the movie, fearing that the blindness is contagious, the government quarantines the victims in an abandoned, dilapidated mental asylum, with orders that anyone attempting to leave is to be killed immediately. The prisoners are supposed to be given food and supplies, but food deliveries are inadequate and increasingly become irregular. The asylum becomes filthy because the blind inmates, as portrayed in the movie, cannot find their way to the bathroom and simply relieve themselves on the floor or in their own beds. Some of the inmates die from infection, disease, or from gunshot wounds when they try to escape. Continue reading


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¡Si Se Puede! Video on Immigration

ICE swept through California this week and arrested over 1,000 people. (h/t Vivirlatino) The music video below by El Chivo shows how immigrants are being criminalized, how ICE raids are devastating families of color, and how much the US depends on Latino immigrants on a day to day basis.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “¡Si Se Puede! Video on Immigration“, posted with vodpod

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[event] ATL: sex wine and chocolate 2008

Sex, Wine, and Chocolate 2008:
Telling Our Truths, Taking Off Our Masks

A Party for SPARK Reproductive Justice Now and Project South

Thursday, October 2, 2008 7:00pm – 11:00pm

Join us on October 2nd for a sensual night free of sexual oppression for all of us fighting for the freedom of our bodies every day. Celebrate your authentic self at our anti-masquerade ball with live performances, delectable desserts, a live auction, and more!

Doors open at 7pm. Show begins at 8pm.

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dear disability community,

this past weekend, i ruined my hair. i now have this big blonde patchy layer on the side of my head. just gonna rock it since it costs too much to get professionally fixed…

but enough of my hair. there was a reason i brought it up. i wanted to tell you about something my mom said when she walked in and witnessed the tragedy which is my head:

“cripchick-yah!! just cause you’re in a chair doesn’t mean you have to be radical about everything!!”

she thought i did my hair like this on purpose? and she associates wheelchair users with militancy? wow. folks, like the ADAPT activists in DC this week, really ARE redefining disability. Continue reading


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ADAPT sets up outside of HUD

check out for more information

ADAPT Fights Back re: Nation’s Low Income People with Disabilities Left Behind in Election Year Agendas

Who: ADAPT Community (500 disability rights activists from all over the country.) ADAPT is the nation’s largest cross-disability grassroots disability rights organization.

What: News conference to announce opening of DUH City.

When: 10 a.m. on Monday, September 15, 2008

Where: The plaza outside the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development,
451 7th Street S.W.,=2 0Washington, DC 20410

Why: The 2008 election campaigns have included rhetoric about tax breaks for middle income families, and media coverage has included stories about families who have children with disabilities.

Left out of all the election rhetoric are the candidates’ positions on and commitments to those babies with disabilities who grow into adults with disabilities who all-too-often survive on extremely low incomes (less than 30% of the median income). These extremely low incomes are often the fixed benefit amounts of SSI and Social Security.

In 2006, according to Priced Out in 2006, the federal SSI benefit was $603/month and the average cost nationally of renting a studio/efficiency apartment was $633/month.

There are not enough AFFORDABLE, ACCESSIBLE, INTEGRATED housing units to handle the current demand in communities across America. When the Community Choice Act (S 799, H.R. 1621) passes, and older and disabled people can choose to live in their own homes instead of being forced into nursing homes and other institutions, the need for affordable, accessible housing will increase. And as the baby-boomers continue to age, the demand will grow exponentially.

HUD, Congress and the Administration have broken promises, cut funding for housing stock and housing subsidies and enforcement of anti-discrimination housing laws, and simply ignored the nation’s low-income people with disabilities altogether.

ADAPT has established “DUH City” (reverse of HUD) to bring attention to and document the struggle of low income people with disabilities. When the average rent for even an efficiency apartment is more than your monthly income……where do you wind up? All too often you’re forced out on the street or into a nursing home or other institution. DUH!

ADAPT’s tent city will be typical community complete with its own newspaper, TV coverage, and other services.


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