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in bed (and not in a good way)

my nose is running. throat is burning. hearing and ability to voice is temporarily out the window. my sister who looks up to my brother in an unbelievable way, now knows what he did and why everyone has been crying all week—and had to hear about it for the first time from gossip at school. (i love how my mother was crying for a straight hour and then told my sister is was because she got a C on her progress report card.) and to top it all of, my crip trip to the beach this weekend is a disaster due to miscommunications and hordes and hordes of harley davidson bikers. (why can’t you share myrtle beach, PEOPLE!!?)

but on the flipside, philosophercrip and i decided to get tattoos together this year, hopefully at our first disability pride parade or ADAPT action. (speaking of which, does anyone have the dates for ADAPT??? i’ve heard three different things from three different people?). i’m not sure what i want to get, but hopefully something disability activist-ish. any ideas?



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HEPH4ESTUS (2:45:14 PM): i signed up for classes today!
HEPH4ESTUS (2:45:31 PM): and i got a reeeally hot girl’s phone number last nighht
HEPH4ESTUS (2:45:40 PM): so it’s been a good 24hrs
Proud2bCrip (2:47:31 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHH!!
Proud2bCrip (2:47:36 PM): JUDY HEUMANNNNNNNNN!!
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:09 PM): huh?
Proud2bCrip (2:48:12 PM): in connecticut
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:29 PM): hahaahhaah
Proud2bCrip (2:48:18 PM): i’m going to get to present with her
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:31 PM): yes yes
Proud2bCrip (2:48:21 PM): on radicalism v. advocacy
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:35 PM): i know
Proud2bCrip (2:48:23 PM): in a session
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:37 PM): 😀
Proud2bCrip (2:48:27 PM): JUDY HEUMANN!
Proud2bCrip (2:48:34 PM): you’re my best friend forever man

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