[event] Toronto: Anti-Racism For (Dis)abled Folks

Anti-Racism For (Dis)abled Folks: An Interactive Workshop
Led by Colin K Donovan

November 6, 2008 from 6-8 at the Senator Croll Apt, Common Room (341 Bloor Street W near St. George).

Join us as we explore the complexities of white supremacy within the (dis)ability movement. How does white privilege shape activism, lives and experiences with in a broad variety of (dis)ability and psychiatric survivor movements? What does it mean to model anti-ableist work after successful struggles led by folks of color while the (dis)ability movement continues to be white-dominated? Using Theater of the Oppressed/Oppressor techniques, we will explore these and other questions of allyship and accountability. No previous acting experience needed, just come ready to participate!

Email femmegimp@hotmail.com for more information.



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3 responses to “[event] Toronto: Anti-Racism For (Dis)abled Folks

  1. Sure wish I could go to this!

  2. me too. just finding out about these events, even if i can’t go to them, give me a lot of hope about what can happen locally. like the potential is limitless

  3. Man, I wish I was in Toronto!

    Sort of off topic, but Amanda at Ballastexistenz wrote a really great anti-racist (anti-any ist, really) piece recently:


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