why i believe in reproductive justice

and a radical disability race gender sex framework:

excerpts from the video transcript below the cut.

I’ve been living with AIDS for twelve years and so my disease has certainly heightened my sense not only of mortality but the many ways in which my body is precious. So I claim my body as not just as this vessel that somehow houses the spirit but as a central part of me… The struggle for justice is connected to our bodies because we have to realize that there are so many constraints put against our bodies in our society as a whole. We’re meant to hate ourselves, and to wish we were something else, and to do everything we can do fit inside this box and we’ll have the right to be happy or to be whole or some how it will save us and it won’t save us!

I want another way of knowing my body other than just through fear. I’m not sure what exactly we’re so afraid of but I definitely feel like a lot of policing we do to ourselves and to each other is about fear of…dare I say liberation?

By breaking the silence we get it that we’re not alone, we build solidarity. We are the battleground. The fight is going on for our bodies, right? So us loving ourselves, us resisting, us being ourselves, us loving other people for who they are, for their entire selves, is the struggle, is creating justice.

(2:22- 3:50, SWC video)

created by SPARK! Reproductive Justice for their Sex Wine and Chocolate event

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  1. I *wish* I was going to Sex, Wine, and Chocolate! Thanks for posting this! Makes me realize what is missing from some of the conversations in my life right now – one of which is any serious discussion about the Prison Industrial Complex.

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