on art, on life

my younger sister paints herself with black ink
after writing somang sarang and medum repeatedly into the lines of her fine hair
she fills the centers of her pupils
with little hearts
the dark corners of her eyebrows, nose, lips
with checkerboard
and zigzag scratches
yes the person on the paper is growing complete
and beautiful,
just like her

being the mature, know-all older sister that i am,
i crunch my pretzels loudly and impatiently sip on my juice
after i have entertained myself for a full five minutes by taking pictures of her
organizing photos on my camera
and getting more juice,
i begin to bug her, telling her to hurry
“j! i want to see the final product!”
“how come you take so long?”
“…when you gonna do mine?”
“i’ll pay you for your art!”
“twenty bucks! twenty bucks!”

she lifts her head
gives me an eye
and dramatically says
she drops her brush and storms out of the room

i bust out with laughter
wondering how many times
my little sister is gonna have to school me

art, like many many things, cannot be rushed.

somang = hope
sarang = love
medum =faith


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  1. Stopping in to dump some sarang on your site. XO

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