made my day

the latest copy of make/shift magazine came in my mailbox today. so insightful, so deep, so filling…. have been pouring over it for the last hour and still have not even grazed the surface.

this issue has a feature on radical women of color, edited by the awe-inspiring lex:

“radical womyn of color live in doorways, the crowded spaces between abbreviated text messages, gardens, long e-mails on group lists, blog comments, love notes, online statuses, hands held and backs gotten, glances thrown and caught. radical womyn of color is not an identity, it is a promise. this means we identify with each other. this means we will struggle together and not turn away. this means we will fight for each other and demand everything. this means we will expect more than we know how to give, we will push and support until our chrysalis explodes. this means we will love enough to make the world that we deserve out of words, our bodies, our breath and our need, our histories and our futures.” (page 32).

but really. a magazine about feminism(s), healing, bodies, violence, the spaces we navigate… go. read. share.


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  1. Shan Lampkins

    yea nice Work 😀

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