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one small piece of the new website ENOUGH:

Debriefing with a friend after the conference, I took this line of thinking even further and found myself talking lengthily about all the different ways that we on the Left let capitalism seep into our movements without always realizing it – how we continually push each other to work too hard, and often don’t have built-in ways of supporting each other through life crises or poverty or transitions, how we compete for resources rather than sharing and building coalitions, how we so often don’t think outside the nonprofit model when we’re building our organizations, how we let that limit what we do. Not all of these, obviously, are direct results only of capitalism, but I think it’s useful to look at these problems with capitalism in mind. I started thinking about this a lot after the U.S. Social Forum, where I was in a workshop led by several contributors to the book The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Nonprofit Industrial Complex. They spoke, in part, about social movements outside the U.S. and direct actions they’ve done that never would have been supported by foundations, but were extremely useful in building movements and achieving their goals. The point is not to romanticise movements that are totally underfunded, but to take a look at what can happen when organizers “think outside the box of capitalism,” and I want to think about what that could look like for our movements in the U.S. -tyrone boucher

You MUST check this website out!!

Enough is a space for conversations about how a commitment to wealth redistribution plays out in our lives: how we decide what to have, what to keep, what to give away; how we work together to build sustainable grassroots movements; how we challenge capitalism in daily, revolutionary ways.


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2 responses to “awesome linkage: ENOUGH

  1. dean

    thanks for the link, friend! hope you’re having an excellent summer.

  2. quiteneil

    oh i love dean spade so much! i have a gigantic crush on him.

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