my blog will be on break until august. silly me has four back-to-back trips/events between now and after ADA Day (july 26.)

wish me luck?
love you all : )

PS. if you are in the DC area and identify as a disabled woman of color, please holler [consciouslycrip [AT] gmail [DOT] com]. a friend and i are starting a video project to record dwoc stories and we’d love to meet with you, get some ideas for our project, possibly interview you…so far we’ve blessed to be meeting up w/ Dread1myn and Day for interviews!


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  1. Body integrity, self ownership issues are difficult. Being fixed to the medical-industrial complex makes you wanna SCREAM, to be sure. It has taken me years and years to realize that I can just say no to requests for tests. It has taken me a long long time to realize that I have psychological scars from a lifetime of this kind of prodding and bullying.

    Stay strong! You are a valued part of the fight, Cripchick… You are even a beloved blogger.

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