from Vox ex Machina:

Fox News “charmingly” chose to refer to Michelle Obama as “Obama’s baby mama.” [Source] Sexist AND racist. Nice job, Fox.

The National Organization of Women, of course, has a blistering rebuttal on their website. Nah, just kidding, they totally don’t. But there are, of course, several pieces about Sen. Clinton’s loss and what it means for women, paycheck discrimination, and “reproductive rights” (although they only seem to deal with the right to birth control/abortion part of that issue). … Come to think on it, NOW didn’t have a response to Imus’ “nappy-headed hos” comment for over a week after it happened. And they’ve never put up a response when someone in the media insinuates that Dr. Rice has her job because she sleeps with the president.

Neither have Gloria Steinem or Rosie O’Donnell. Neither have several other mainstream feminist organizations or magazines — at least on their websites. And very few bloggers have done more than give it a passing mention with more than an ironic comment about how Fox News is stupid, ell oh ell.

So, Linda Hirschman, I don’t think you need to worry about intersectionality “ruining feminism” any time soon. Mainstream feminist organizations still aren’t worried about anything but middle-class white women’s issues.


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  1. jesus tapdancing christ.

    BABY MAMA?!?!?!

    What the eff is wrong with these freaks?

  2. you’re overworked, ill, and need to be in bed and you still have time to comment on my blog??

    i feel so loved : )

  3. “It’s the oppression, stupid,”

    Us Feminisms will remain incomplete and flawed until white feminists get it viscerally that sexism against WOC is their issue as well.

    I’m white, but I don’t call myself feminist anymore, because of the above and because of the (too limited) amount of time that able feminists spend working on disability rights activism

  4. I’m a white chick who disagrees with most white feminism too, imfunnytoo. Problem is, I identify with the core values of feminism, but in practice– there just doesn’t seem to be a feminist community that has a place for me. I care about WOC issues, disability rights, gbltq activism, and I don’t agree with any of the BS about how sexism defeated Hillary Clinton. An opponent who was incredibly politically savvy, and who she underestimated enormously even though objective observers were expecting for years that Barack Obama would be one fo the best campaigners in modern American history whenever he got around to running for president, defeated her.

    But, I don’t agree with some of the exclusionist attitudes (not you, Stacey, you’re an education and a half in every conversation!) in the WOC feminist or queer feminist communities.

  5. oh come on, everyone has time to be outraged at referring to Michelle “Successful Lawyer Smartypants” Obama as anything other than Michelle “Successful Lawyer Smartypants” Obama.

    My problem isn’t with identifying as a feminist. My problem is with idiots like Linda Hirshman making that identity so meaningless or sullied that people who shouldn’t be alienated from feminism cannot be anything but alientated. It infuriates me that these idiots, with their myopic, shoot-yourself-in-the-foot focus on upper-middle-class non-disabled white women, get to be the face of feminism.

    But, I don’t agree with some of the exclusionist attitudes (not you, Stacey, you’re an education and a half in every conversation!) in the WOC feminist or queer feminist communities.

    This sentence disturbs me a little. Veralidaine, can you explain more what you mean? I don’t want to be reading into this sentence more than is there.

  6. Jill

    I’m sure they thought they were so funny and so clever.

  7. Rachel–

    Sure… I originally wrote that comment in more detail, but figured the lengthy explanation would be more suited for my own blog than for hijacking this one (and I will blog it one of these days…) but if I may be concise and attempt not to be offensive, I have, as a white chick with no particular label on my sexual orientation, had trouble assimilating in person (less so online) as an ally to WOC feminist and queer feminist communities.

    I went to a rally after the “nappy headed hos” comment protesting Imus, and people from the group that sent me the protest notification were asking me, “What are you doing here? You’re blonde, white, and skinny, why do you care?”

    Of course I understand that there is perhaps a legitimate perception of a white chick in a group of WOC protesting at the capitol as a threat, but, y’know, it doesn’t do anyone any good to ask why no white girls are upset about Imus and then try to chase away the ones that are.

    Oh– and the baby mama comment? I do think it’s worth being a little skeeved off about– can you see someone calling Cindy McCain “McCain’s Baby Mama?” Naw, she’s white, plastic, and richer than cheesecake.

  8. And then you get hilarious womyn’s collective meetings where someone will say, “How do we attract more womyn of colour?” with a perfectly straight face.

    As an activist taking a break, I got burnt out dealing with sexism in the queer movement and homophobia in the feminist student movement and lip service to disability rights and anti-racism in both. I completely understand why activists form small groups of like minded peopled to work with. It’s a matter of survival.

    (In the interests of open discussion, I’m queer, female, have a mental illness and I’m a white Australian. I like looking at the stars but don’t know their names, love chocolate and my mouth waters when I look at yarn.)

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