marriage rights?

i agree w/ mik danger on mainstream GLBT non-profits prioritizing marriage rights as the central issue for our community:

So I want to clarify that my position isn’t anti-marriage. My position is that we have other more important concerns. What about caring for our queer youth – especially our queer homeless youth? What about the consistent murders of transgender people – especially transpeople of color – who are never respectfully mourned? What about dealing with the whiteness of our LGBT non-profits, a whiteness that often chases away the employees of color? We have a lot of work to do in addition to gaining marriage equality, and I despise the emphasis placed on it, as if once gay men, lesbian women, and bisexual folks can marry all concerns about the whiteness, the classism, the ableism, and the body stereotyping of our community will just go away. —Mik Danger, Coffee and Gender blog


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4 responses to “marriage rights?

  1. Thanks for the link. I can’t believe i managed to miss Coffee and Gender until now… ze is now blogrolled 🙂

  2. That’s awesome. Not enough people say that.

  3. Absolutely! I love your blog and am rather new to the blogosphere. A central part of my research is tracing how the logic of modernity has “othered” people by creating “non-normative” categories like “homosexual” and “disabled” and I am very interested in the ways in which queer politics and disability rights intersect. I love your work and will continue to visit!

    Queer Nerd

  4. oooh a queer nerd interested in the way queer politics and disability rights intersect! automatic bff, eh?
    going over to your blog now… : )

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