i <3 fibrofog

i just came across the coolest blog ever. fibrofog is a “20-something queer college student living with chronic pain and a proud disability blogger and activist”. (taken from the profile box).

here is an excerpt of a poem fibrofog wrote. go check this blogger out!!

“You’re too young to use a cane” he says
unfamiliar, uninvited
looking me up and down
as if assessing the damage
And I’m tired
of inaccessible buildings
nonworking elevators
and walking to
the furthest side of the building
to find the ramp.
But mostly I am tired
of you.
Of your adolescent curiosity
as you try to place me into categories
that don’t fit
Of not using the tools I need
because I can’t deal with
one more rude question
one more rude question
one more fucking rude question
posed by
you, southern sticky sweet
nice girl
concerned girl
cultured girl
charity-lovin’ débutante
but hey, your father’s brother’s mother’s
second cousin twice removed has a neighbor
who has one of those “cripple” kids
so you must really get it


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5 responses to “i <3 fibrofog

  1. Ooooh, thanks, I just subscribed to the feed there. Good stuff!

  2. Paula Apodaca

    Seriously, this is wonderful! Really like the directness of this poem, this site. Makes me feel at home. Thanks.

  3. Aww, thanks cripchick! I’m so honored to see my blog linked on your site. 🙂

  4. Excellent poem- thanks for sharing it. I’m going to be up all night hopping around links I keep finding.

    I’m delighted to find queer culture and disability culture overlapping. Well, not that it’s like shocking that they do… but it’s still delightful. ‘Cause queerness… you know, delights me;)

  5. I love this poem! Thanks for posting.

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