Announcing the 37th Edition of the Disability Blog Carnival!

Disability Identity: What Do You Think??

picture of frida kahlo sitting in a wheelchair with a paintbrush and heart in her lap. over it says Disability Blog CarnivalThe Disability Activist Collective, a group of disability activists working to create change within the disability community by shifting focus towards culture and identity, is currently collecting pieces (poetry, art, essays, videos, blog posts) on disability culture, community and identity in hopes of creating a website or hub on disability culture. This carnival is your chance to participate in the building of it!

This edition will focus on disability identity and culture in all its forms (i.e. radical disability pride, understanding disability through various frameworks, disability intersecting [coming together] with other identities, dealing with pain, etc.).

The deadline to submit something is officially May 4th though I will keep adding people in through a rolling basis. The blog carnival will go on air May 8th. You can submit things by leaving a link in a comment to this post, emailing me it at consciouslycrip [at] gmail [dot] com, or using the tech.

Here are some topic ideas!:
• What is disability identity? If you are disabled, do you feel disability is a part of you and your experience?
• What is disability culture to you? How do you put it out there or live it every day?
• Does disability intersect with your other identities (i.e. queer person, person of color, person of faith, etc.)?
• Is pride, community, or the Disability Rights Movement important to you? Why or why not?
• How do you feel about the word disabled? Is it a political term with power to you or do you despise it?
• Do you see disability outside of a rights framework (i.e. is disability something that is more than advocacy to you?)
• If you identify with the autistic acceptance movement, the deaf community, or other groups, how do you feel about disability? Many people do not want to associate with the disability community— how do you feel about this?
• Have you felt alienated [left out] from the disability community because of racism, exclusion because of your disability, the media or other factors? How has this affected your identity as a disabled person?

And some topic ideas for allies:
• Why is disability important to your work or politics?
• How do you feel about the Disability Rights Movement and what would you say to activists who downplay this movement or even disability as an important social justice issue?
• How do you see disability intersecting with feminism, reproductive justice [movement that focuses on ALL people having ALL control of their bodies], and other movements that work to end oppression?
• What do you see in your role as an ally?

Resources (if you have others that will be helpful, please leave a link!!):
Help the Handicapped! (Great funny site to help you understand models of disability. Here the term handicapped is used sarcastically of course)
Disabled and Proud website (TONS of interesting articles to read through)
Oh Don’t You Envy Our Privileged Lives? (article by Steven Brown)
The Wrong Message (article on disability awareness simulations)
Disability Social History Project
(great timeline)
Mouth Magazine (pretty radical, great perspective)

—Thank you to Wheelchair Dancer, ThinkFreestyle, Veralidaine for ideas and inspiration—


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53 responses to “Announcing the 37th Edition of the Disability Blog Carnival!

  1. Wonderful place to start, with plenty of advance notice and flexibility too. Thank you, this looks exciting.

  2. thank you for your help penny in helping me prepare.

  3. Dawn M. Allenbach

    I will try to come up with something. It’ll be nice to write about something other than my research.

  4. Oh, this topic is great! The intersection of multiple disabilities with multiple other identities is something I think of often but have trouble expressing the way I want to.

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  6. Oh, I *like*!

    This should be fun!

  7. Awesome. Thanks for the heads up. Can’t wait for it.

  8. This is a great opportunity. I may be submitting something for this one.

  9. hey cool! thanks for posting this ahead of time! I’ll actually have a decent amount of time to think about and write something………the last two I participated in, I didn’t have much time and so I had to just throw some words together……..

    this will be my third disability blog carnival. I’m definitely glad I’ve started participating!

    Penny: time to find more recruits for hosting the carnival………I can’t remember who the last one is at the moment………and I don’t know what I’ll be doing in the summer, but once I have a clearer idea, I’ll let you know whether we can host one in the summer, or whether we’ll wait until the fall semester begins.

    Ivan of athenivanidx
    one of three autistic personalities sharing a body

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  12. wonderful!! i can’t wait to read whatever you folks write.

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  14. Thanks for this! I hope to be able to participate…I am so happy to have found this carnival. 🙂 I really look forward to reading the entries.

  15. OMG, I feel a good, looooooooong blog post coming on! But, it’ll have to wait until I come back from DC. OMG, I can’t wait!!!

  16. JoSelle

    I’m so submitting something to this 🙂 My disability – that is, depression – is still highly stigmatized and often ignored because it’s also an invisible disability. I do hope that what I write will be of interest and helpful to others.

    Thanks for doing this, by the way, CripChick! I hadn’t heard of your blog before now (or the carnival – wow 37th?!),b ut I willd efinitely be a frequent visitor now!

    – JoSelle

  17. it’s actually the 36th carnival not the 37th! can’t believe i got that wrong…or actually with my track with numbers maybe i can : )

    glad you stopped by Joselle and am excited to read what you all write.

  18. No no! It’s actually the 37th. Ettina’s is the 36th. I think. Okay, now you’ve got me confused…. you’re hosting #37. Final answer.

  19. I am a disabled jazz vocalist and artist living in Chicago. I have Epilepsy, Lupus, and am partially blind. I have written a blog about what is a disabled identity and composed some original artwork for it as well

    thank you!

  20. Check out the new How’s Your News? site dedicated to their current adventures as disabled people trying to make a mark on popular culture.

  21. shatterboxx

    Hi, I’d love it if the website I blog for was included in this. It’s called Crazy Like Us? at Feminists blog about mental health issues. We’re always looking for new readers and bloggers!

  22. This sounds really cool.

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  26. Frida Poem!
    A quote from the book The Diary of Frida Kahlo (1995), “Feet what do I need them for, if I have wings to fly,” (page 274). Inspired this poem! Enjoy!


    By Julie A. Prough

    I used to walk,

    not very well,

    my feet would let me down,

    even my balance did not treat me well,

    always falling to the ground.

    I was raised to be a fighter

    I never gave up

    I would get back up

    displaying a smile

    hiding the pain

    On my feet

    I felt unsafe

    Not being able to run to a far place

    If some stranger wanted to play chase.

    I was always slow!

    Not able to keep up with the traffic flow,

    walking to the stage at a live theater show,

    getting knocked down,

    by a stranger in a crowd,

    getting back up displaying a smile on my face,

    not letting it get me down.

    So many years of falling!

    I should have set a Guiness record,

    having the most falls in a lifetime,

    all my friends would agree,

    my feet are not good to me.

    As I got older my feet became painful and weak.

    I continue to smile, hiding the pain,

    by acting sweet as a Georgia peach.

    Nothing will stop me from enjoying,

    the things I love to do!

    I found other ways to get around,

    going from a cane, to a walker, now wheelchair for support.

    I don’t have confidence in my feet.

    Using a wheelchair is like having wings!

    Racing through crowds at a faster speed,

    rolling to a safe place,

    if someone wants to play chase.

    Nothing will stop me,

    with these wings,

    I’ll always be a winner in every race!

  27. julie, this is, as a friend of mine says, a-w-e-some. is there a place it’s posted besides your myspace? if not we’ll figure out a place to put it so we can link to it in the carnival.

  28. I don’t know if this fits or not, just something I wrote about disability and the church.


    I have a page on that site. Just google it and it will take you there!
    Easier to access the poem. I am glad you like it. I’ll try sending it by email too.

    Nice to meet you!

  30. Hi, Blog Carnival seems to be down so I will just give you my link here in case I can’t get it to submit my entry…

    I hope this works for you…

  31. annaham

    i hope this isn’t too late for an entry, but here is my contribution:

    ps: cripchick, you are doing fabulous work, as always.

  32. my earlier comment didn’t seem to go through, so here it is again. hope i’m not too late:


  33. Oh it’s late! But here’s my entry because I am having difficulties with the e-mail…sorry!

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  35. Stacey, here’s mine:

    And thanks for the thank-you above. It’s an honor to be considered a source of ideas and inspiration.

  36. Here’s mine:

    I’ve decided to submit my very first blog post ever (from back in Dec) because it just fits so nicely.

  37. not too late at all, please everyone feel free to keep adding things!!! i’m so pumped about this : )

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  40. Excellent Julie Prough i hope you always be a winner in every race!

  41. 24th Annual Technology and
    Persons with Disabilities Conference
    ATACP (Assistive Technology Applications
    Certificate Program) Training

    The 24th Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference will be held: March 16-21, 2009 at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott & Renaissance Montura Hotels. We will be presenting experts and trends in assistive technology and persons with disabilities, while also highlighting adaptive technology for aging and international practices. In 2008, the conference drew more than 4,500 attendees and over 175 exhibitors.
    We are proud to announce that Anthony Coelho will convene at our Welcome Reception as our Keynote Speaker. Mr. Coelho, a former U.S. Congressman from California, was the primary author and sponsor of the American Disabilities Act. Eminently respected and experienced as a force and leader in the disabilities arena, Mr. Coelho will address the future of emerging leaders, the impact of change, and how these issues will affect the continuing goal in achieving global inclusion and technology for all.
    The Exhibit Halls will open on Wednesday, March 18th at 4:00-7:00 pm. The exhibits will be open again on Thursday and Friday from 9:30 am-5:00 pm and Saturday from 9:30 am-1:00pm.
    For information about the conference please visit:
    The ATACP (Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program) training offered by the Center on Disabilities sponsors national and international assistive technology training programs to expand the knowledge base of professionals, and introduce newcomers to the disability field. These programs aid participants in understanding the full impact of all forms of assistive technology and their potential areas of application. With over 2,600 graduates to date, the ATACP is the largest Assistive Technology certificate program and offers 100 hours of a wide range of practical Assistive Technology applications and information. For more information regarding our trainings visit:

    Upcoming Trainings:
    November 19-20, 2008 – Jacksonville, Florida
    March 16-17, 2009 – Los Angeles, at CSUN Conference

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