autism awareness month

Hat tip to ABFH from Whose Planet Is It Anyway for posting this editorial by Lizzy Miller

I am one of the autistic adults that the president of Autism Speaks – an “organization” that despite its name doesn’t employ autistic people or allow their input – swears up and down don’t exist.

I am one of the autistic adults who spent much of her youth being bullied for her differences. I am fortunate that the only abuse I suffered was at the hands of my peers. Many autistic people today are still hospitalized against their will simply for being autistic. They often are forcibly restrained and suffer electric shocks in hopes of being “cured.”

I am one of the autistic adults who is fortunate enough to have been born into a loving, supportive family that did everything in their power to teach me the coping skills I needed to function in a neurotypical world. Many parents of autistic children teach them that what they are is inherently bad early on. Some of them end up killing their own children and get applauded for their “acts of mercy.” These parents tend to face drastically lighter prison sentences than parents who harm their neurotypical children, if they’re convicted at all.

I am one of the autistic adults who is proud to be fighting for the autism acceptance movement.

“Autism awareness” is not a laudable goal. Awareness is cheap. Anybody can put a puzzle piece magnet on his car and call himself “aware.” Being aware and accepting of autistic people as people instead of puzzles takes more effort.    —Lizzy Miller


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3 responses to “autism awareness month

  1. Just saw one of those as a pin today, under a NAMI pin, made me think it probably wasn’t a “good thing”…… 🙂

  2. This is very good. Thank you for sharing it.

    I learned the hard way that many professionals have no idea what they are talking about and make things much worse. It has taken us years to find a doctor who does not give us poor advice. If parents have any doubt about a doctor or counselor’s advice they should follow their gut. Even loving parents can make mistakes. It is the good parents though that learn from them and change their ways.

  3. Thank you so much for informing us about Autism Awareness Month. I really had no idea, nor did I pay much attention, but I will be paying more attention now.

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