‘Bout time?

From the Queer WoC blog:

I’m kinda tired of hearing some folks for either Clinton or Obama say “it’s about time we had a woman candidate.” Or “it’s about time we had a Black candidate.” No it’s not. It’s not about time. The time, folks, has come & gone & has been past due for many many moons. This country has been overdue for a minority candidate for a long while & by now we should have had a bisexual, transgender, half Asian, half Black, half Dutch, half Jewish, wheelchair using former mental health patient by now. For the love of gawd people stop staying it’s about time.



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5 responses to “‘Bout time?

  1. I think when people say “it’s about time…” they are being sarcastic. like, jesus christmas, is took us this long to even have a candidate who is not an old while male.

  2. I’m feeling that post–its NOT about time! Besides, what good is any candidate if he/she will slide your community under the bus, and sell you out? I don’t care if they look like me or not. If you as a candidate can’t deal with ALL of the communities that I represent, then, you won’t get my vote. I mean, if you support the Community Choice Act, but are against giving Gays and Lesbians, and Transgendered folks the rights that everyone else takes for granted, then, why should you get my vote? If you can deal with womyn, but really can’t stand African Americans, Latino/as, or Native Americans, then, you can’t stand my vote. If people with physical disabilities are ok, but people with mental health issues aren’t, then, see you later. If poor people or immigrants cramp your style, come back when you can see the humanity in ALL communities. Thats a good starting point with me. Once we get that settled, then we can talk about the environment, taxes, Iraq, peace, justice, etc.

  3. I’m so glad someone said that, I’ve been thinking it for months.

  4. I think it’s the media’s fault, mainly. They just keep churning out stories about how race and gender affect the presidential campaign, even though there’s not much more to say on that topic that hasn’t already been said.

  5. Moreover, the usa HAS had women of color presidential candidates.

    Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm
    Patsy Takamoto Mink
    Leonora B. Fulani

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