allied media conference

i’ve been dreading this post (and after a childhood of being the cute crip holding the car wash/bake sale/whatever sign on the side of the road, you would too) but if i want to make it to detroit for the allied media conference (amc), it’s gotta happen…

i am fundraising to go to the amc! my fundraising goal is a big one but it’s gonna cost me $768 total to go and i currently have $250 in the amc piggy bank. (literally, i have an amc piggy. it’s blue and it’s nose lights up as an attack piggy if someone comes close.) i’m still waiting for the day when the airlines have a buy one free deal so PAs can ride for free….

so not to turn this into a capitalist/consumer-provider type relationship but some benefits of me going to amc for you are:

1.) live blogging, a lovely feature. i missed WAM! last weekend but felt like i was there cause of all of the great womyn who blogged every moment of it. [live blogging is when people go to an event and use their blog to report what’s going on while it’s going on]

2.) work on a caucus for disabled women of color and allies, a session titled Beyond Sickness, Medicine and Charity: Disability in the Media, and the INCITE! WOC track. (this is all dependent on the proposals being accepted, however.)

3.) a surprise thank-you package! this package will either consist of buttons i make for you with my wonderful button machine, a mix cd, or a shirt featuring the words of disability activists, rwoc writers and activists, and other amazing people…or a package of all of the above! (pls, put your addy when using paypal for me to send this to you.)

the best way to donate is by using the paypal button on the left. paypal is completely safe and will not share your financial information with anyone.

aaminah, my lovely lovely aaminah, noemi, and vicky have also put out funding requests (more to come i’m sure.) if you haven’t thought about going to the amc yet, here’s more information and a PSA about it.:

The Allied Media Conference cultivates media strategies for a more just and creative world. Held every June in Detroit, MI, it is the primary point of intersection in the U.S. for alternative media makers and committed social justice activists from around the country.

We come together to share tools and tactics for transforming our communites through media-based organizing. The panel discussions and workshops of the AMC are hands-on and practical, intergenerational while youth-centered. They showcase the solutions emerging from places where creativity is a matter of survival. Out of the AMC, we evolve new skills and strategies to bring back to our local contexts. We deepen our relationships and expand our networks in ways that support ongoing collaboration throughout the year.

Allied Media Projects (AMP) presents the 10th Allied Media Conference, June 20-22 2008, in Detroit, Michigan.


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14 responses to “allied media conference

  1. I wish I could go to your session on Beyond Sickness, Medicine and Charity: Disability in the Media! It sounds awesome

  2. Aaminah

    Ooh, I totally hadn’t even thought about your third point! I’m such a lazy fool, I was just gonna send quick emails, followed by a card in the mail… you have given me another idea to use my creativity and give a thoughtful yet simple gift of love to those who donate. I have already formulated my plan… thanks hon!

  3. HOLY CRAP to those that have already donated… i’m definitely going to be walking on cloud 9. i love blogging and i love you all.

    aaminah–yeah! this is where we can put all our thing-a-day skills into action huh? i’m excited to make things for people.

    baddecisionmaker–the proposal hasn’t been accepted but i’m hoping it will! we should find out soon. thanks for your support

  4. also—the wonderful person at CC, can you email me your name so i know who to address a package to? my email is consciouslycrip[at]

    thank you so much

  5. I hope that you are able to go, and that your proposal is accepted. It sounds like something that I’d love to do–if only I had the time!

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  7. Do you mind if I put up a note on my blog letting folks know that you could use a little donation towards the cause?

  8. hey there!, i haven’t read your blog in awhile but i love the new look and as always you are kicking ass. my funds are *really* low right now due to unemployment but i wanted to donate what i could because it’s a good cause. i wish i could be there to hear you and everything.


  9. YOU HAVE A BUTTON MACHINE!! I LOVE YOU! we are going to be button making homies! i havent had access to a machine since 2006 when i worked at my school’s women’s union

  10. Bint— by all means YES and THANK YOU! i’d appreciate that so much 😀

    lauren—you’re wonderful. thank you for chipping in and the compliment. i hope our paths cross someday soon.

    kameelah, you have to see my button machine!! not that i’m going to lug it to detroit or anything but it only cost me $20 and it makes buttons just like the $200 ones. it’s actually a kid’s button machine but whatever works right? will definitely link to your fundraising page, so glad you’re going

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