Feminism for Freaks, Call for Papers

Call For Papers

“Feminism For Freaks”

At its best, feminism offers an emancipatory potential from gendered
oppression, inequality, and violence. At its worst, however, feminism
can work to simply affirm the rights of middle-class, heterosexual,
white women, and exclude the voices of already-marginalised groups
such as women of colour, trans* women, sex workers and so on. Like
Derrida’s democracy, a truly liberatory feminism is mostly a feminism
to come.
Not un-coincidentally, those marginalised groups of women are often
demonised by the dominant culture, rendered as monstrous,
simultaneously invisible and hyper-visible, compelling and
threatening, desirable and disgusting–and forever denied a voice of
our own. The question of if and how monstrosity can be reclaimed or
re-worked is a vexed one for feminists.
We therefore invite proposals that affirm the voices of socially
excluded people, that seek to create new and exciting knowledge and
address themselves to feminist theory and activism or the wider
culture, on such topics including, but not limited to:
* Monstrous bodies and identities
* Social marginalisation and exclusions (for instance, borders, walls,
and immigration laws, and the silencing of voices such as those of
women of colour and transgendered people)
* Liberation/transformation/organisation
* sex work
* queer sexualities and genders
* Visible signs of difference (Muslim women wearing the veil, disabled
bodies etc)
* religion and spirituality
* freaks in popular culture, body modification etc
* fat positivity
Academic, non-fiction and creative work will be considered–the call is
broad, and we’re willing to accommodate new and interesting work by
freaks of all kinds.
Please submit abstracts of up to 250 words by May 31st to
estrangedcognition[at]hotmail.com and suzanmanuel[at]gmail.com

*Note – Given that some contributors may not feel safe or comfortable telling their stories in the public sphere, submissions under pseudonyms will be accepted.



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10 responses to “Feminism for Freaks, Call for Papers

  1. wit

    Hmmm, to what purpose? Like what will happen with the proposal? A book? A conference? A website?

  2. an anthology (book). it sounds exciting, a lot of the ideas i’ve heard discussed so far have been absolutely wonderful.

  3. Aaminah

    I meant to ask someone else who had brought this up on BFP’s blog. It would be nice (and more ethical) if the organizers gave a little more info about just who they are, who they are affiliated with (if anyone) and what they are seeking the papers for. If it is for an anthology, it would have been nice if that was clearly stated in the request. 🙂

  4. thanks aaminah, that makes a lot of sense. i’ll ask the people who put it together to explain more and will report back.

  5. Aaminah

    I’m sure they didn’t realize… I mean, when you get all caught up in your idea and psyched about it, you just throw together the call out, and you know, if it isn’t what you usually do professionally, you don’t realize what’s missing. 🙂 I’m seriously thinking about sending something in… but I am, um, ignorant, and don’t know how to put together/format an abstract… and I haven’t decided yet if I’d write about how practicing Muslim women’s voices are ignored/silenced in favor of Islam-hating women, or if I’d write about being a face-veil-wearing feminist…

  6. Hi Aaminah

    Yes, it’s a book anthology. I did probably make the cfp more academic than it should have been, cos that’s the format I’m familiar with. Ugh.

    But don’t worry too much about specific format, we just need a pithy chapter summary so we can pitch a chapter outline to publishers. Enough for us to gage what your general point’s going to be.

    From there, then we’ll ask for complete papers.. But if you want to send a complete paper straight up, that’s great too!

    About us: me, I’m a queer trans white Australian academic n blogger. I’m affiliated with Murdoch University in Perth, but this hasn’t got anything to do with that. Suzan is a bi white PWD American writer n blogger.

    This has come about out a discussion with *lots* of different bloggers, so there is more of a communal thing happening.

  7. But yes, this is our first time putting something on this scale together like this, so things are bound to get left out!

  8. Aaminah

    Thanks for the details Queen Emily. I need to sit down and think about this… because it is a cool project but I have been so scattered… Much love to you both (and others involved) for coming up with it! 🙂

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  10. It does sound like a very interesting anthology. I agree that including information about who the editors are, what sort of publication this is going to be in, what sort of distribution/promotion it might get etc. are really important in empowering queer writers to make good choices about where their words go and who uses them. Given your description of the content, I would definitely pick up this book!

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