I Remember, Epik High

Video Thursday!

I couldn’t find the lyrics to this song by Epik High but the video is too cute.. it mixes modern elements with more traditional times (i.e. the guys wearing headphones but bowing to elders who are wearing hanboks) with a reminiscing type vibe. It reminds me of the times when my mom would make me candy like in the video. (Okay it was like twice– she didn’t want me to rot my teeth).



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2 responses to “I Remember, Epik High

  1. Aaminah

    Never heard of them, and obviously don’t understand what’s being said, LOL. But this is a beautiful video. I always like seeing the modern and traditional side-by-side in a way that shows respect for the traditions. You know, when it’s not “this is where I escaped from” but “this is where I am, these are my people and our ways and they haven’t disappeared but we’re not ‘trapped’ in the past either so challenge your perceptions of us”. The music is cool too.

  2. didi

    absolutely adore Epik high!! thank you for the mv…I really want to find the lyrics too!!

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