i love ironjawedangel (must read!)

excerpt of “coming home” (w/ her permission to link):

Even in queer spaces, my disability often rules because it is unabashedly in your face and unapologetic. The challenge then is to figure out how to become a disabled queer. I have tried to become simply fully queer, but the only way I really understand my sexuality is through the lens of disability. For a long time this made me feel like a bad queer – that somehow I was less if I couldn’t understand and relate to my queerness on its own terms and as its own entity, but then, I guess that’s one of the lingering hallmarks of marginalization. Now I realize that it isn’t necessarily that I was disabled first, but that it was what I understood first – and felt the need to make sense of first. Being a good crip doesn’t make me a bad queer, and while the politics of passing are both sensitive and complicated, how people read me does not make me a more or less legitimate member of the community.”


Read the rest here.



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4 responses to “i love ironjawedangel (must read!)

  1. I can really relate to this. Thank you for pointing me to another great crip blog.

  2. yes yes AMAZING isn’t it? i connected with everything she wrote.

  3. Especially in Queer Spaces, which are mostly inaccessible and that the gay male community is obsessed with the body perfect. Once, when a few friends of mine and my lover went into a gay bar, I heard some bitchy queen remark, “Here comes the freak show.” I turned around and said “We’re here, we’re crips and we’re fabulous!!!”

    My friend Cass, my hubby and me began to sing, “Hey, hey, we’re the cripples, people try to push us around! We’re the proud crip nation, you ain’t gonna keep us down!” (sang to the tunes of the Monkee’s Theme Song!

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