Bob’s House

In case you haven’t seen the press release for this commercial six times today already, here is a Superbowl Pepsi commercial that is a rendition of a pretty famous deaf joke/story:

Video Description: Two deaf guys are drinking Pepsi while driving around on a dark street trying to find Bob’s house. Each thought the other had the address, and as they are arguing in sign language, the driver has an idea to start honking his horn. The sound triggers dogs barking and all of the lights on the dark street of houses are now blaring, except one — Bob’s house! The two deaf guys enter the house carrying Pepsi and Bob signs “sorry” to all of the neighbors who have been awaken by the commotion (Larry Goldberg’s NCAM team would have done a much better job on the audio descriptions – smile).



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3 responses to “Bob’s House

  1. Interesting commercial, it’d be better if they didn’t use the different abilities label, esp when the Deaf community has so much cultural history to define how it names itself

  2. I think it is a very funny commercial. Sure one could critique the use of “different abilities” but for those unfamiliar with disability it will hopefully make them laugh and think at the same time.

  3. I thought this was gonna show for the super bowl, but my brother watched the super bowl and he says he didn’t see this ad.

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