there is a good chance i’m the only one that may find this interesting

Leroy Moore, a fierce disabled hip hop artist and activist, posted a news item on his myspace about CLON, a Korean/Corean dance duo that recently put out an album. One of the singers, Kang Won-Rae, acquired a spinal cord injury in 2000 and the album focuses on his experience with disability.

a picture of CLON; Kang Won Rae is sitting in a wheelchair with red tires and Koo Junyup is standing next to him. They're wearing shades and black suitsBeing an old time Kpopper myself (y’know, posters, magazines, and boy band stationery in junior high), this really intrigued me. I spent two hours searching Korean search engines and found articles about how he was changing social stigma around disability. While I was reading the lyrics to one of his songs out loud to myself, my mom came in and asked if that was Kang Won Rae on the screen. I was surprised that she knew who he was considering that the only contemporary music she knows is Simon and Garfunkel (and I’m not sure that is considered contemporary anymore?). However, what was even more surprising is when she casually stated that I had met this guy on my last trip to Seoul.

She was right. The ONE disabled person I talked to in Seoul just happened to be a k-pop star.

5 years ago, I met him in the parking lot of KBS television studios. My family and I had gone to take a tour and when my aunt’s pastor saw him, realized who he was, and ran after Won Rae and told him to say hello to us because we were American. Yes I know. We made out with that really bad, really entitled we’re-from-across-the-world-cough-America-card. Anyways, after he said a quick hello, he wheeled off and I went home not knowing who he really was (he was DJing, instead of dancing, for a few years after his accident). Still, it’s cool to realize it was him and see how he is doing. From what I’ve heard, I like the album because it’s honest about his SCI transition but not in a Christopher Reeve courageous hero way.

Anyways, here is a dance performance of a song, titled My Love Songi, he wrote to his wife (Songi) after the injury. She’s the woman they keep showing that is misty-eyed— not some random fan that’s heartbroken because he’s gimped out:


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13 responses to “there is a good chance i’m the only one that may find this interesting

  1. This totally made my day. Seriously.

    Do you know what the lyrics are saying? What’s the song about?

    Also, he’s hot!

  2. Liz

    I love it! Very interesting visual and Happy New Year Hunny! Hugs* XOXO

  3. hahaha. i was trying to think of why i hadn’t heard of CLON before and figured maybe their name was just too out there for my 7th grade self. you know, cause being the music snob i am, i only listen to kpop artists that’s names are like g.o.d. (groove over dose), h.o.t. (high-five of teenagers), fin.k.l. (fine killing liberty), or BoA (no idea what that stands for). and CLON is just so…different. *grins*

  4. Where can I find lyrics and/or translations of lyrics?

  5. you can find them here but they aren’t translated (hence me spending two hours on this last night hehe):
    hope you’re doing well, jonah : )

  6. That was great! Thank you.

    Not that I pay *way* too much attention to music and pop culture or anything, but BoA is her real name. Her full name is Kwon Boa. I’ve seen BoA bacronymed to “Beat of Angel,” but I don’t know how official that is.

  7. Oh, and Happy New Year!

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  9. Kevin— how the HELL do you know that? I’m impressed, my friend, impressed…

    Happy new years to you all.

  10. Heh, like I said, I pay *way* too much attention to these sorts of things.

  11. okay, so I know I told you my claim to fame was being connected to HMJ through my mother’s friend … but really I have another one, which is serving on various committees out here with Leroy Moore. He is SO. FREAKIN. COOL. So much passion.

  12. baliwhat

    Holy crap. I love this! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. kis

    will some one email me the title of their new cd?

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