Think Freestyle

You may be curious about the banner at the top and who the people in it actually are. I am on the left and my dear friend/fellow activist/sister TF is on the right. We were wearing these signs while at a reproductive justice conference where we had given a 3-hour preconference “disability 101” training one day and then the next day, found out that A.) only 1 out of 30 or 40 sessions of a conference that is known to be issue-inclusive were related specifically to disabled people and B.) actually weren’t able to attend any of the sessions because of accessibility issues.

TF is probably the most fiercest, loving, honest, militant person I’ve ever met (as well as the person who coined the term “crip on a stick” a few entries back.) Although this sort of goes against her last entry, I advise you to visit her blog and petition, err I mean encourage, her to bless us more often with her insightful musings via the internet. : ) You’re missing out if she’s not on your feeds list.


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2 responses to “Think Freestyle

  1. Hey, I never knew that was you up there! I thought it was just some picture you stolez found somewhere. That’s awesome! I’m going to check out Naomi right now.

  2. People have no idea there is a Disability Culture.

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