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Since we were watching this kid tonight, we decided to go on base to catch a movie. Even though I’m against the military industrial complex, I was unbelievably, abnormally excited about going. I get this hometown comfort feeling when I go on base since this post was my home for so long (18 years). It was fun to go “I fell out of my chair over this train track” and “My brother, sister, and I all went to school here!” This particular movie theater held memories of first kisses, friends flirting with soldiers that were way too old for them, and laughing together with people I loved.

Normally the theater is PACKED, afterall tickets are free or a $1 and MWR brings new releases quickly. I’ve spent many a Friday night standing in a long line that snaked around the building. Sometimes they stopped letting people in when we were still in the back of the line. You had to get there about 30 minutes early to get in. 

But this time, it was empty. Not a soul in sight. Three empty cars sat in the parking lot. And that’s when it hit me and I mean really really hit me—the whole base is empty. Everyone is in Iraq.

 The reminiscing wasn’t so fun anymore.


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12 responses to “the movies

  1. That’s when stuff hits me the strongest – when something so familiar, so reliable, so constant in my life stops being so. The day INS invaded my favorite restaurant, arrested the owner about 3/4 of the employees, it was a real shock, and I never quite enjoyed going there as much.

    Just that crossing, when the familiar’s gone, that hits hard.

  2. And I realize my first comment doesn’t really talk about the impact the war has: Of people we know and love getting shipped overseas to risk their lives in a war we shouldn’t be in, etc.

    Bring them home. 😦

  3. If you are against the military complex go see Vally of Eliah. I think it suck I personally support the troop and I should probably join them. I love this country and I love Iraq as well as the rest of the world. I would like to see soldiers fighting for freedom and other God given inalienable rights. I personally think all man is responsible for violent revolution when others are stripping these rights away. So go fly our flag up a pole upsidedown in FRANCE.

  4. Wow! So sad. How long will this drag on?

    What was the movie?

  5. Damn. Talk about sobering.

  6. haha jimmi, i’m not saying what movie it was out of fear of public humiliation. 🙂

    as for loving iraq, this whole war isn’t based on love. it’s based on greed and disregard for people besides our own.

  7. I personally support the troop and I should probably join them.

    Ha. Yeah, I’ll hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

  8. George Burke,

    I support our troops. They’re being set into an untenable situation to fight a war we can’t win, against people who aren’t threatening us, and all to satisfy a president’s ego. Don’t confuse supporting the people who are being used to prosecute an unworthy war with the war itself.

    It’s also true that our freedoms are at risk, and that they are being stripped away. No one in Iraq or Afghanistan is doing that. It’s the government that’s doing it, that’s torturing people in secret prisons, that’s wiretapping without warrants, that is passing bills outlawing thoughtcrime. If you truly cared about America and freedom, you’d be fighting the rise of fascism in the United States, and not whining about how people on a random blog don’t love the Iraq war enough.

  9. I wanted to join the army when the war started but I was too young and by the time I was old enough I was too disabled so the army wouldn’t take me. I’m not sure I would have joined by then anyways.

  10. wow. This was really powerful.

    George Burke = prime example of totally missing the point, though.

  11. speaking of movies – we went to see “Music Within” yesterday…good film!

  12. Oh geez, this just punched me in the gut. Physically and emotionally. Doesn’t happen very often.

    I hope you realize what an incredible talent you have!

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