here’s your cookie

“You’re talking to somebody who talked about gay Americans in his convention speech in 2004, who talked about them in his announcement speech for the president of the United States, who talks about gay Americans almost constantly in his stump speeches.”
  —Barack Obama

Ohhh. Well, yeah, sure, go ahead and support funds raised from people who blatantly hate queer people then.  That whole mentioning-us-in-your-speech thing makes it okay. Here’s your cookie. I hope it’s worth it.

Like a commenter on Pam’s House Blend says, what about talking about ENDA or how you voted yes on the Matthew Shepard Act?

The whole Donnie McClurklin thing (Obama endorsing an ex-gay homophobic gospel singer) not only makes me furious but also really bums me out, particularly since I was coming to terms with Obama (still an ardent Kucinich supporter though) after reading Barb’s post at Lucky White Girl and have always found hope and peace and redemption while listening to McClurklin’s music.

But yeah. Faith gets harder when the Christian community and queer community have to be so at war with each other. Thanks, Obama my dear friend, for feeding into it and throwing us under the bus.


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5 responses to “here’s your cookie

  1. Liz

    I was really looking at Obama myself. This stuff makes me look at him for the wrong reasons, but the truth is Hillary is always going to play it safe, safe, safe and that doesn’t mean a whole lot in terms of gay rights.

  2. All politicians have their problems, that’s not something any of us would doubt. That said, Obama is the candidate I am supporting this election because Hiliary doesn’t do it for me and from my perspective, Kucinich doesn’t stand an actual chance of winning. It always feels as if politics are lose/lose. I wonder why? Oh that’s right, in a two party system, they are.

  3. Obama, Hillary and all the rest of them are part of the problem, not of the solution, and anyone who thinks that voting for any politician within a state-capitalist system is going to achieve anything positive is sadly deluded IMO.

    If voting achieved anything, they’d make it illegal…

  4. When you’re queer, you know they are always gonna sell ya out. Do I sound disillusioned?

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