a letter to my mom

dear mother,

please do not take this as sarcasm, but i just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much i appreciate the fact that you haven’t tried to murder me, drug me, take me off my ventilator, withhold food, lock me in the garage, abuse me, harvest my organs, or rip my utereus [girl parts] out over the years.

i didn’t think people needed to be thanked for not doing these things as they are all human rights violations [crimes], but apparently disabled people aren’t being grateful enough for people who see us as people. apparently we don’t understand how much of a burden we are and how little we know about know about out bodies, at least compared to nondisabled people who are automatically the expert on everything about everyone.

much love always,


Filed under ableism, disability

9 responses to “a letter to my mom

  1. Liz

    Your Mother is so lucky to have a wonderful daughter like you. She must be a wonderful Mom.

  2. Zach

    You crack me up Stacey, even when it’s about something this crappy. You just gave me an idea!

  3. I second Liz… I know I be proud to have a daughter like you!

  4. Amanda at Ballastexistenz wrote something similar here: http://ballastexistenz.autistics.org/?p=191

  5. insert the word off: off of my ventilator.

  6. Oh this post rocks. It so rocks.

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