two things i heard today

“I don’t get along with every disabled person I know. I don’t get along with every other person who is from Kansas. But it’s ludicrous to think that disabled people don’t have anything in common and shouldn’t connect with each other. That’s a part of our oppression.”  —Zach, in response to a disabled person saying that having a disability in common is having the same color of eyes.

The mind of a child is where the revolution begins
So if the solution has never been to look in yourself
How is it that you expect to find it anywhere else
I used to wonder about people who didn’t believe in themselves
But then I saw the way that they portrayed us to everyone else
That cursed us to only see the worst in ourselves
Blind to the fact the whole time we were hurting ourselves
  —Immortal Technique

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One response to “two things i heard today

  1. mic

    these are great quotes. i especially love the second one because i think everyone, as in every human still struggling for equality, can feed off its inspiration.

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