since i’m feeling all lovey-dovey

I have a sister who knows what it means to be disenfranchised
I call her “Voice” and learn community from her.

I have a brother who promotes revolution through learning
I call him “Knowledge” since he believes new ideas are intimately attached to creating change.

I have a friend who practices power by bringing people together, even when it doesn’t seem like they’ll ever get along
I call him “Solidarity” because he’s this quiet kind of powerful.

I have a dreamer-friend who lives agape love, especially when people are against her.
I call her “Love” because that’s really the only way to describe who she is.

I have a comrade who is proud, even when they’re telling us we’re not worthy
I call him “Pride” cause his words, even when short, fuels the fire when I think I’m gonna stop going.

I have a colleague who can take something as complicated as disability and make it seem simple
I call her “Soul” because in the words of Justin Dart, she uses creativity to explode truth.

Voice. Knowledge. Solidarity. Love. Pride. Soul.
These are the values of community.


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5 responses to “since i’m feeling all lovey-dovey

  1. This is excellent. It would make a good flyer… ground rules even for a discussion on social movements/communities.

  2. let’s add some SASS! 🙂

  3. Liz

    Wow, that is stunning just like the rest of this blog. Do you live in Philly?

  4. Ryan

    this one made me cry

  5. wheelchairdancer



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