an abbreviated list of hope

Dave at Chewing the Fat created a list of hopes today. I followed his example, starting off with one he created as it something I hope everyday as well.   

  • “I hope I can go the whole day without hearing the word ‘r*tard’ even once.”
  • I hope I learn to check if I have all the ingredients before almost completing whatever I am baking.
  • I hope one day my family will know that I’m queer and be okay with it.
  • I hope another Dem/progressive person will join my poli-sci department so I won’t be the only one in class everyday. This is not Bob Jones University, people.
  • I hope I can find some creative outlet this weekend as I feel like I’m going to burst if I don’t paint/draw/write ASAP.
  • I hope people will stop thinking I’m a bad person for having different ideas about what our community needs.
  • I hope JK Rowling will come out with another Harry Potter book. : )
  • I hope my friends who are transitioning, whether it is with a new position, relocation to a whole new world, finding a job, or changes relationship-wise, find the success and happiness they deserve.
  • I hope I can find a house of worship where people do not try to heal me or where I have to hide who I am.
  • I hope people will think of women like Mariah Lopez and Christe Reimer when they think of feminism and why a fight for rights is necessary and relevant in these days.

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  1. is pretty awesome.

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