when i’m in community

A friend was getting out of his wheelchair one day in the metro and I instinctively knew to block people’s would-be stares
Not out of shame, mind you
but for space and a right to privacy
He was taken by surprise but this is community

Sometimes my body does things I don’t want it to do,
Things that are natural for a trachies like me
But nonetheless things I sometimes wish would go away

Yet, in the company of disabled people I am free
I never have to apologize for these things, I never need to ask for help
It’s just natural

I find a corner, they block out the crowd
It doesn’t matter if they’re deaf, blind, or have a learning disability
They just know…
This is when I know I’m in community


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4 responses to “when i’m in community

  1. I always love reading your writing.
    I have good news:

    Now I just need to figure out how I’m going to pay for it all. 🙂

  2. I guess that’s the ideal, that in the disabled community people will know about disabled needs, but that’s not my experience.
    Even at disability conferences, people invade my private spaces, ask me to speak when I can’t speak, touch me. I can’t always protect other people or fill their needs because I am not aware enough to notice needs without being made aware.
    When people already know what needs you have, this is more than community, it’s friendship.

  3. I think I agree with Jonah a bit about that expending beyond community and into the intensity and unspoken connection that friendship creates. There are many times among gay peers that I know what they might be feeling, needing, desiring, but this is even more true of any of my friends, gay straight or otherwise.

  4. Thanks! I looked into that scholarship and it requires a 3.0 GPA and I have a 2.93 haha!

    But I’ll save the link and hopefully my GPA will be going up.. haha 🙂

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