HEPH4ESTUS (2:45:14 PM): i signed up for classes today!
HEPH4ESTUS (2:45:31 PM): and i got a reeeally hot girl’s phone number last nighht
HEPH4ESTUS (2:45:40 PM): so it’s been a good 24hrs
Proud2bCrip (2:47:31 PM): AHHHHHHHHHHH!!
Proud2bCrip (2:47:36 PM): JUDY HEUMANNNNNNNNN!!
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:09 PM): huh?
Proud2bCrip (2:48:12 PM): in connecticut
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:29 PM): hahaahhaah
Proud2bCrip (2:48:18 PM): i’m going to get to present with her
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:31 PM): yes yes
Proud2bCrip (2:48:21 PM): on radicalism v. advocacy
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:35 PM): i know
Proud2bCrip (2:48:23 PM): in a session
HEPH4ESTUS (2:48:37 PM): 😀
Proud2bCrip (2:48:27 PM): JUDY HEUMANN!
Proud2bCrip (2:48:34 PM): you’re my best friend forever man


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  1. i love that each of you has such great news you both share in the excitement of each other and overpower on another. such fun!

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