beautifully personal

Though I walk down this path of life willingly,
I don’t feel like it’s been much of a choice.
I might have lost friends and lost family,
and for a while I even lost my own voice.

But now it’s time to take back who I am,
for me to realize my life’s just beginning.
I believe in myself as much as I can.
Nothing can stop me from winning.

Take me as I am, for who I claim to be.
Love me or hate me, I am still me.
There are no boundaries, no hurdles to leap.
My life’s going forward instead of repeat.
Take me as I am.

Many times we may feel injustice
building up like a gorge in our throats.
We learn about ourselves and one another.
The new life fits on us like a coat.

Lessons to be taught about humanity.
Will they ever put the blinders down to see?
That was not me, it’s what I pretended to be.
Now I am finally living for me.

While my life will never be perfect
and the darkness still creeps by my door,
I’m so much stronger, the world’s so much easier
than I knew it could be before.

All of these beautiful children
throwing off the weight of the world.
It doesn’t matter, man or woman or someone else.
You damn well deserve the life that is yours.

Written and performed by Katie Turner


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3 responses to “beautifully personal

  1. I love this poem, it’s beautiful!

    haha, I hope you’re right! I hope I get good news on Thursday and then I’ll start packing as soon as I hang up the phone..hah! 😀

    I xanga-love u too!

  2. OMfG! I can’t believe you posted my lyrics! LOL I’z gettin’ famous now! 😛 I’m honored that you would put them here. Truly.

  3. Mz. Turner’s words were… astounding.

    thank you, and please- take care of yourself for me… stay beautiful.

    :bear hug:

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