it’s the little things

Mmm yeah, one of my close friends called today to tell me his friend’s girlfriend, who lives in Portland, is queer and into disability activism. Neither of us know this person (Portland is pretty much the other side of the continent) but we cheered over the news and then tried to think of ways that we could explore the intersections [things people share]between the two communities a bit more.

Looking back on today, it’s funny how “little” things like this are huge when you’re in the early stages of things and you don’t know a lot of people with similar interests. : )

This friend and I were interviewed for an article about crips and queers back in June.  (Page 14 of the pdf).



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3 responses to “it’s the little things

  1. The politics of the gay community are often enough to make a queer person feel isolated and stripped of their identity. I can only imagine how much more complex these intersections become when crip culture and identity is incorporated. It is good to find someone else like you, if only for the mirror image it can create. When I first met another gay person I remember feeling like, you are real, and I know you are real, so I must be real as well. Seeing yourself reflected in someone else makes your own identity feel grounded in something concrete.

  2. I’m into disability/queer intersections too and got that feeling of excitement from finding someone else. I’m diabetic which doesn’t always fall (and some diabetics try to avoid putting it there) under the umbrella of “disability” but I think sometimes similar issues/themes emerge, and I really like dealing with it with a queer lens rather than just trying to by as “normal” as possible.

    It doesn’t get updated much but one website with some cool material is

  3. Hi and thanks for posting on my blog 🙂

    I’ve put a link to yours on mine – hope you don’t mind.

    Take care and speak to you soon.


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