Must-Read Links for the Weekend

Coverage of the Dem presidential candidate debate last night re: queer issues “If you want to tack the “T” on the end of the acronym [glbt], at least ensure that you REPRESENT us! Don’t do what a lot of groups do and have that letter there, yet not be able to understand what matters to those of us who go through transition or are gender-variant, much less only slightly acknowledge (or not acknowledge at all) our existence in contrast to the questions pertaining to gay men, lesbians and bisexuals!” (—

Ruben Navarro, disabled man given morphine so docs could have his organs “Right now, the big concern in the public dialog appears to be that the publicity surrounding this will negatively impact the rate of organ donation…In a state where assisted suicide is still a hot and popular topic, the disability community cannot afford to be silent. This is about the lack of proper community support, abuse and neglect in institutions, the devaluing of our lives in medical settings, and the lack of accountability that exists for members of the medical profession.” (—

Military Woman Charged with Her Own Rape  “The rape charges were dropped against the three Airmen who were accused and they were given small fines and a reduction in rank.  But they have now been granted letters of immunity so that they can testify against Hernandez…. If convicted, she would have to register as a sex offender.” (—

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  1. Thank you for that last link! Scary to think things like this happen in our society, much less our military! Makes me shudder to think what people would make of transgender people in the military.

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