got tagged.

This is the second time I got tagged (by Kara and then Dylan) to play this game so I figure I better do it. 🙂

I think it goes like this…. 8 random things people don’t know about you and then you have to tag other people. (I know my blog makes me sound really self-obsessed hehe).

    1.) I was born in Korea, but not as a Korean. My mother came to study in the US and fell in love with my Dad. When she had to go back, he tried to get stationed in Korea so they could continue dating. And they did. I was born on Yongsan Army Base.
    2.) I have an I-pod but I hardly use it, unless I am traveling on a long distance trip. Another thing to add to my long list of things I buy with money I don’t have and never use.
    3.) Same with books. I went on one day and bought enough books to fill two shelves, but I’ve probably only read about two of them. All my friends read books, so I wanted to read too. But I’m too lazy.
    4.) I had a big self-realization yesterday and realized why I identify so much as queer and not bisexual. Other than the obvious reasons to identify as queer, I had erased the memory of my first boyfriend who was bi and how much we had become the object of ridicule. I liked him a lot and we’re still close friends, but it’s going to take me along time to not associate negative thoughts with the word bisexual. And now I’ve finally figured out why.
    5.) I used to be hardcore Republican, with a George and Laura Bush wallpaper on my computer and everything. It was actually a congressman that converted me— after giving me about 20 good reasons not to be a Republican in this day and age, I left his Washington office a Dem.
    6.) I don’t like scary movies or roller coasters. I figure I get scared enough in real life that I don’t need the thrill.
    7.) I try to stay busy with national and state activism and organizing so I can forget how much I hate this place. My reasoning for trying to graduate a year early is to simply get out of F’ville.
    8.) I don’t wear any make-up or jewelry. Not because I don’t want to, it’s that not caring enough thing again.
    I tag Micah and April. 🙂


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4 responses to “got tagged.

  1. “I figure I get scared enough in real life that I don’t need the thrill.” What an awesome line and how true. Life is an amusement park in and of itself.

  2. These were awesome Stacey-your Bush wallpaper admission cracks me up and I’m TOTALLY with you on the scary movies and roller coasters…they do nothing for me either!
    The psych side of me is SO intrigued by how you’d recognized the strong negative association’s you made and why–that’s hard core deep:-)
    I’m off to move in a couple hours (when Adam’s parents get here) so I won’t have internet till Tuesday…I’ll miss u and ur blog very very very much!

  3. I could definitely relate to a few things on that list! and AHH I’m tagged!! haha!

    Well, if I get accepted at Holy Cross (which sounds like I’ll know next Thursday) I’ll start August 27th, I think. If I go back to Davenport I start like the first week of September. 🙂

    I’m super psyched! I hope I make it into Holy Cross.. but either way I just want to hit the books! haha

  4. it’s going to take me along time to not associate negative thoughts with the word bisexual. And now I’ve finally figured out why.

    Same here. I was raised in quite conservative areas of Missouri despite my mother being a hardcore liberal (in the way she raised me, not politically), so I was subjected to a lot of the “Anything that isn’t solely 1 man/1 woman is evil and must be crushed underneath our boots!” So… yeah… scary bad!

    On the other hand, despite the fact that I identify solely as female, I also don’t believe that binary gender roles are for everybody. I wish more people would be open to talking about letting those who want to break out of those ‘traditional’ roles… hell, let them! Just because someone is genderqueer or gender variant doesn’t cross my eyes any. I wish more people had that type of attitude. It’s another reason why I could never outright claim bisexuality.

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